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Irene Dolnick

Irene Dolnick lives in El Paso, Texas with her husband, daughter, and her four mischievous Beagles. She loves to travel, try new restaurants, and watch classic movies. With a Master’s degree in Reading and Literacy, she works as a substitute teacher for all grade levels. Seeing that a lot of the students struggled to read, pronounce high frequency words and divide words into syllables she became inspired to write. With the help of her four beagle’s antics, she developed the desire to share some of their adventures in a children’s book. This idea incorporated the beginning reading process with an introduction or review of high frequency words, phonograms, whole words, and pronunciation all molded into a story line for beginning and struggling readers.

Irene Dolnick has worked with her new publisher to reduce the price of her books to $7.99 instead of $16.99! She enjoys accomplishing new things for her audience.

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Kurt, Gert, Jazmine, And Bagel (Children’s)

Brrr! Jazmine is feeling cold, hungry, and lonely-and when she passes a picture window and sees her two friends, Kurt and Gert, in the warm, cozy house, she also feels a bit jealous! But this little dog will soon meet a handsome black and brown beagle named Bagel, who knows what it’s like to be alone. Join Jazmine and Bagel as they form new friendships and embark on new adventures together! It’s a story that will delight children of all ages and remind us of the importance of friends and having fun.

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Kurt, Gert, Jasmine, and Bagel and Their Train Station Adventure (Children’s)

Oh no! Jazmine feels her legs cannot possibly run any faster on this adventure.

Now, she has Bagel to help her dart in and out of small spaces in order to make their great escape from an old enemy! Where are Kurt and Gert?

Join Kurt, Gert, Jazmine, and Bagel in an adventure they would not like to repeat on their way to Phoenix.