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J.J. Poland

j j poland discHello, Dear readers.
I remember I wrote my first story when I was 12. There was no sex, so don’t worry. I gave it to my mother and to my friend to read. After my friend read it, her mother also read it – they both liked it. But my mother said, “It’s not good”. So, I didn’t write anything for over 15 years. But, if you feel like you have to write – you have to do it. So, I started to write again. And the result is – my first book “Stranger in the elevator”.
Right now I’m working on my second book, so wish me luck.


Stranger in the Elevator (Romance, Erotica)

stranger in the elevatorWhat can happen, when a library worker meets a handsome millionaire? Who will win? Passion or shame?
Daniel would never think librarians could be interesting. Boring people, who always read books. But his neighbor Jane was a totally different story. She was not his type, but something in her caught his attention.
Jane didn’t pay any attention to Daniel. She simply despised him. He was that type of a guy she could never be with.
But life has its own plans.

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