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Jacob Ward

Jacob WardJacob Ward was born and raised in southern Louisiana, and ever since his youth, he has been exploring his creativity. Whether it was writing and drawing comic books based on his favorite movies and TV shows, trying to adapt a video game into a novel, or attempting to recreate a Salvador Dali painting, Ward has always taken pleasure and delight in cultivating the imagination within himself. In December 2015, he graduated from Southeastern Louisiana University with a Bachelor’s Degree in English, and in that same month, published his debut novel through CreateSpace entitled The Nightwatcher. Years of hard work, patience, and dedication paid off, as Ward was finally able to share his talent with the world. As he moves on in the literary world, Ward hopes to enlighten, enthrall, and entertain those who take the time to read his works.

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The Nightwatcher (Science Fiction, Thriller, Superhero)

The NightwatcherSterling City. A playground for the cruel and corrupt. Once a shining beacon of prosperity, it has now become a broken down shell of its former self. For five years, the criminal mastermind known only as The Dark has ruled his kingdom with an iron fist. Many feel that Sterling City is a lost cause, that all hope is gone.

Wade Riley comes home to Sterling City after five years away fighting in the War. The city he returns to is a twisted perversion of the city he left. Joining the Sterling City Police Department doesn’t help, as he and his friend Jason Drake seem to be the only honest cops on the force. Riley wants to believe there is still a chance for Sterling City, but he decides to give it up anyway.

Yet, Riley still feels a powerful sensation within him, and he has been given new life, a new purpose: to take back Sterling City from the captors holding it hostage. Using the alter-ego The Nightwatcher, Riley will plunge deep into the heart of the city to fight for its soul.

Or die trying.

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