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Jeanna Simpson

Jeanna Kay Simpson is a new indie author. She recently published her first book of short stories and is working on her second novel. Fiction, funny, romantic and flare are her niches. Jeanna started writing when she was a teenager but never published. Recently she started a lifestyle blog, www.everydaywithjeannakay.com featuring samples of her writing, motivational post, tips for many things, travel guides, and much more. She was encouraged by her teenage son to publish some of her short stories. Writing was a therapeutic outlet originally. Her first book is a collection of short stories. Though fictional, the situations are very real. She is an ICU nurse by trade for 13 years and loves her job. For fun she antique shops, writes, loves to try new things and an avid traveler. She is married to her best friend for 25 years and has two beautiful children. She lives in Florida with her family but was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee. Memphis is rich with history and cultural diversity and provides a wealth of inspiration for her writing. Jeanna has so many stories ready to write and a beautiful way of telling them.


My Demons (Coming-Of-Age, Short Stories)

My Demons is a book of short stories. Three women, three stories. Rachael is hiding a secret from her Southern Baptist friends, Mandy the All-American high school sweetheart returns for her 20-year reunion with a dark past, and Tara, the 28-year-old who cannot seem to find her way until she is forced to do so.


Coming Home (Romance)

Dr. Ruby Love receives a cryptic message about her estranged brother that sends her rushing home 800 miles away. Ruby struggles with her past, her present, and her future. How does she make amends with someone who is no longer around? How does she let go of her past when that chapter was never closed? Ruby Mae soon realizes that home is truly where your heart is and not always what you left behind. Coming Home is a story about a woman who faces many questions about her own life and in answering them finds her true self.