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Jennifer Smith

jennifer smithJennifer Smith is an aspiring writer from Rockford IL. Her work ethic and passion shows in everything she does from her writing, her love for fitness and healthy living, down to her place of employment as a Veterinary Technician at a local Veterinarian Office where they treat everything from goldfish to puppy dogs. She comes from a large family of nine and is the second born to Dewey & Deanna Smith. Growing up living in a large family, she learned the fine art of balancing one thing after another and that means she’s not afraid of hard work. Jennifer currently lives with her grandmother and great grandmother, helping to care for them while also working on discovering new areas of inspiration. Her stories are sure to open up a whole other world to you.

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Blakefields Mansion (Historical Fiction, Romance)

Blakefields-Mansion-1What has possessed the normally level-headed Isabelle to abandon her childhood friend among strangers and make a madcap dash across windswept moors in a frantic search for help?

Two months earlier – the summer of 1856 – and the two girls are eagerly anticipating a stay at the imposing Blakefields Mansion in the West Riding of Yorkshire. They dream of grand balls, dashing young men, and mysterious, elegant ladies. But the reality will prove very different.

Intrigue upon intrigue builds to an unexpected and dramatic climax.

As they come to know the various gentlemen – the Lord of Blakefields; his cheerful friend and confidant; the ambitious but seemingly honest guest; the enigmatic neighbour with a dark past – it becomes less and less clear who will turn out to be the champion of decency and integrity.

Blakefields Mansion and its soon-to-be-released sequel, Stonecrest, are both realistic historical romances set in a tempestuous period of England’s history. Queen Victoria is on the throne; social values are beginning to change – something that Isabelle will discover as she learns that true friends and true love are to be valued above either fame or fortune.

If you enjoy the likes of Austen, Thackeray or Dickens, then Blakefields Mansion is for you.

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