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Jessica Nielsen

Jessica Nielsen is a poet, writer and author, born and raised in the British Columbia Kootenay’s. A professionally trained Healthcare Aide and mother of seven children, she creates her works from experiences and the world around her. Featured with NUHA Foundation blog, YYC POP, Short Edition Loft 112. Always excelling with the love of writing; she perceives the world in simplistic and unique ways. She believes every person has something inspiring to share.

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So You’re Not Supermom it’s OK!: Rants of a foul-mouthed mom (Non-Fiction)

This is a compilation of short rants from a foul-mouthed mom with some little words of wisdom! The not normally spoken words of everyday life raising kids. This will let you know you’re not the only parent who feels they have failed some days. This is just how I feel about raising children! No judgment! We aren’t perfect! Nobody is! Raising kids isn’t easy, especially nowadays, there are so many expectations not just from society, but most of all ourselves! In my opinion, if they are still alive, fed, clothed and have a roof over them, you’re doing just fine! Keep at it! One day at a time!

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