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Jessica Tendayi

jessica tJessica Tendayi was born and raised in the beautiful land of Zimbabwe. She has been writing short stories ever since the age of twelve, and although none of them were ever published, she has held on to the belief that “life writes the best stories!” ©

When she was a child, Jessica was frequently told that she had an extra-ordinary imagination; that she told tall stories. As a result, Jessica grew up thinking that story-telling was a bad thing; that making up stuff made you a liar. But these life-stories are all stories that anybody can all use as God-given lessons and instructions, bringing the courage and strength only found from the victory and success that other people have experienced when they overcame their challenges. These stories give us the courage to continue doing this thing called life. Stories of everyday life. Inspirational stories of rising above the challenges and obstacles that everyday life throws at each and every one of us. Stories that serve to remind us all that there is a greater force within each and every one of us that when we connect with that inner force, we are all able to do extraordinary things. Life’s stories.

For many years, Jessica suppressed her stories. She stopped believing in their inspirational power, and certainly did not want to be thought of as a liar! But as she grew older, she slowly began to learn to be brave and courageous. She started to slowly allow the stories that had long been buried in her heart to unfold with reckless abandon.

It is Jessica’s hope and most sincere prayer, that as you flip through the pages of her stories, and as you somehow interact with all the characters, that you too would be motivated and inspired!

Jessica currently lives in the countryside of Toronto, Canada with her husband and three children.

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Love Changes Everything (Chick Lit, Commercial Fiction, Religion, Romance)

love changes everythingTwo women, one accident, and one difficult journey that surprised them by the life lessons they learn along the way.

After discovering that the little orphaned child that she had fallen in love with in the paediatric unit was actually her husband’s child with his recently deceased secretary, Racquel Levin is distraught and unsure of how to carry on with life as they had known it. Her happy family unit was crumbling, so she decides to go away for a few days to think things through. On her way to a healing retreat, she gets involved in a near-tragic car accident and is admitted into the ICU where she remains in a coma for a couple of weeks.

April is Racquel Levin’s daughter. After the accidents, she visits her mother everyday at the hospital, and unbeknown to her – she catches the attention of Resident Doctor Jason Watson, who would soon lead her to new discovery of true love and a deeper understanding of peace in a storm through his faith in God.
A story about God’s divine healing, and the realisation that true peace can come after forgiveness.

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