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John Bright

John BrightJohn Bright was born and raised in Manchester, England, although has spent several years travelling, including 8 years in America running a small business. John loves to write and has a very wild imagination, which is reflected in his new book “The Riddle, The Stones and The Sorcerer” which is the first of two books in the series.

As a child John loved fantasy stories and films that captured the imagination and took him on an exciting, magical and fast moving journey.

The Riddle, The Stones and the Sorcerer has been creating quite a stir and receiving glowing reviews.

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The Riddle, The Stones and The Sorcerer (Children’s/Fantasy/Literary Fiction)

The Riddle The Stones and The Sorcerer - Cropped Cover under 100kbWhen the Brown family relocates to a small town in Scotland, their children, Peter and Julie, accidentally uncover the secret of an ancient legend.

With the help of their two new friends Timmy and Tubby, they find the door that leads to the secret chambers and are propelled into a magical and exciting adventure. An adventure that stretches their imagination beyond their wildest dreams and worst nightmares.

By entering the secret chambers the Children break a spell and by doing so start a catastrophic chain reaction. In a race against time and good versus evil, they must must find the secret stones and return them to Alsager the wizard.

If the evil warlord Orsador and his dark army find them first, then the world will fall to the dark side.

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