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Jordan Mock

jordan mockJordan Mock was born and raised in the Welsh Valleys and spent most of his young life playing in the woods and mountains of his childhood home dreaming up worlds as most children do. The only difference is he never stopped.
As a young man, Jordan had two passions: art and medieval fencing and went on to become an accomplished swordsman, even winning several championships in Britain.
Sadly, his love of writing and painting was quashed for some time at school due to his discomfort with the academic pressure to seek more mainstream and secure careers. However, with the aid of an encouraging family, Jordan decided last minute to enter art school and continued to study art and writing in university.
Initially an artist and writer for comics rather than books, his first novel, Obsidian Dawn: From the Cold Light of Day, didn’t begin until Jordan was in his early twenties.
During a particularly dark time in his life, Jordan found himself in a detention cell in Marrakech waiting to be released with nothing to do in the meantime but scribble some notes for a story that was only meant to be a few chapters long. The characters had a life of their own, however, and he found he couldn’t stop writing the story.
For the past three years, Jordan has been travelling and living in different parts of the world through Europe and Asia Minor, soaking up all he can to share in his work.
Now Jordan has finished the first book in the series and is on the verge of completing the second. A graphic novel is also being produced as well as short films and animations to expand on the Obsidian Dawn Universe.


Obsidian Dawn: From the Cold Light of Day (Fantasy)

obsidianObsidian Dawn: From the Cold Light of Day is a high fantasy about a young woman struggling to take revenge and claim a kingdom. In order for Aria to see her dreams fulfilled, she must shed her old self and claw back inch by bloody inch everything she has lost.
In the last ten years, the Kindred Kingdoms has been licking its wounds since the bloody civil war. The Binding Rebellion was crushed and an uneasy peace settled over the three-island nation under the leadership of Cadarn Dmitry Romanenko, who took his throne through manipulation and brutal betrayal. However, the crown doesn’t protect him for long, and Romanenko soon becomes a victim of another’s political machinations through the use of dark magic. With her father dead, Aria Romanenko escapes the palace with a trusted few and flees to Karsh; an island renowned for its mercenaries. In pursuance of revenge against her father’s usurper, she enlists the aid of sell swords and cut-throats, but at what cost?

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