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Justin K. Hayward

Justin HaywardUnlike the lead singer of the Moody Blues, Justin Hayward was actually born with his own name. Whilst constantly being mistaken for the celebrity version due to growing up in the same county, he has yet to learn guitar, ride horses or grow his hair long enough to look even vaguely like the man.

He has instead undertaken a variety of different careers since graduating from the University of Leeds, including being a professional choral singer in Gloucester Cathedral, teaching English and Drama in several public schools, working in the news team at a local BBC radio station, and teaching Kate Moss to hum a traditional Japanese folk song for a soft drink manufacturer which decided it would be a jolly good idea to launch an iced, milked tea drink in a can.

After singing in front of royalty and his experience with Kate Moss, dressed only in a kimono, Justin took the natural step of building a career in a hi-tech marketing company. This obviously led him to work with Bill Gates at Microsoft (he still has the out-takes video to prove it) and the President of Sony Europe for whom he wrote speeches for the Rory Peck journalist awards.

Currently, Justin lives in Sussex in the United Kingdom and works in London for an internet startup. He is successfully married to Lisa through no fault of her own and lives in a house owned by the cat they look after for no payment whatsoever. He can also sometimes be seen on screen in films such as Cockneys vs Zombies and more recently the award-winning Still Life by Uberto Pasolini. In which, naturally, he plays a vicar. Justin is a Fellow of the RSA.

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The Luck Particle (Action/Historical Fiction/Science-Fiction/Thriller)

The Luck ParicleIn 2007, the world is on the brink of a financial catastrophe that threatens to bring down civilization. This is a diversion. In a society where money is considered the most powerful asset, a mysterious cabal is fighting a war of attrition with CERN to prevent the truth about the source of real power from being rediscovered. A small group of people, seemingly thrown together by chance, are the only ones that can help keep the Large Hadron Collider safe so that balance can once again be brought back into the world. With the help of a man known as The Historian, ex-special forces Lieutenant Colonel Ben Fallow must re-learn skills lost to humanity over millennia in order to help Professor Ebhart Fenkhause realize his work of seeking out the God particle and, in turn, free the flow of power being held back from the many by The Watchmen.

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