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Kathe Todd

Ms Lower-Todd_colorA third-generation native of the San Francisco Bay Area, Kathe Todd began working at pioneering underground comix company Rip Off Press as a summer job between college semesters in 1975. She never really left. Marrying company president (and co- founder) Fred Todd in 1980, she acted as Editor in Chief (among many other roles) for more than twenty years.

In 1987, after a massive warehouse fire freed them of a 17-year accumulation of stuff, the couple moved Rip Off Press from San Francisco to Auburn, California – finding this small foothills town a more congenial place in which to raise their two children.

A lifelong reader who has always loved Science Fiction and Fantasy, Kathe decided to start writing her own fantasy novels in 2013, after retiring from a day job doing catalog design and data publishing for a local audiobook company. Since then she has written nine novels: the Fireblood, Fire Scion, and Shadow God trilogies. All nine of them are currently available in Kindle format on Amazon.com.

When she’s not writing, Kathe enjoys gardening, cooking, hiking, birdwatching, authoring database applications using VB.net, and driving her red sports car too fast.

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The Fireblood Chronicles

An x-rated take on the swords-n-sorcery genre, complete with a bold and beautiful red-headed heroine, magnificently muscled warriors, dragons, vampires, ancient prophecies, enchanted weapons, and more. Sizzling sex, sweet romance, and daring deeds with a humorous edge.

Destiny of the Fireblood (Fantasy)

Fireblood1KindleCoverWannabe adventuress Bernadette leaves Auverne for the wild and wooly northern province of Iscandia, seeking fame, fortune, adventure, and hot sex with some “real men” – not the clumsy farm boys she’d been frolicking with in her rural village back home. She finds all that and more. A lot more. Because the ancient dragon god Tarragin has returned. And according to the prophecy, it’s up to her to stop him from destroying the world!


The Fireblood’s Choice (Fantasy)

Fireblood2coverTarragin has been defeated, and Bernadette is free to enjoy life with her two magnificent lovers: god-like Norse warrior Erik and studly mage Andrion. But when she realizes that Andrion wants more from their relationship than she’s been willing to give, is she ready to push him – or Erik – aside? As she wrestles with her choice, the world is threatened again – this time by a powerful vampire lord who has a plan to blot out the sun.


The Fireblood Betrayed (Fantasy)

betrayedIn the first few years of Bernadette’s married life there are many adventures, heartaches, and triumphs. She has satisfying work, a wonderful home, and two beautiful children. But then a friend from her past comes to her for help, and she finds herself betrayed – torn apart from everyone and everything she loves.


The Fire Scion Trilogy

Swords and sorcery combine with coming-of-age themes and teen romance as the children of the Fireblood seek their own destinies. This series is aimed at young adults and has no explicit sex, language, or gruesome violence.

Fire Scion I: The Hidden City (Fantasy)

FireScion1KindleCoverAndi Drakespring, fireblood like his mother and able to turn into a dragon at will, is 15. All he really wants is a little respect from his famous parents. Then he stumbles onto the quest of a lifetime, a chance to go through an ancient portal to another dimension. And when he fails to get their support, he decides to go anyway. He, his best friend Fjuri Steadfast, and his leukalfar adopted sister Meri find themselves on an adventure more harrowing than any of them could have foreseen.


Fire Scion II: The Flying Dead (Fantasy)

FireScion2coverNow 16, Andi Drakespring is beginning to take responsibility – and to be treated like an adult. When an ancient, undead dragon priest escapes from his tomb and starts raising dragon zombies for a takeover of Iscandia, it’s up to him, along with his family and friends – including his 19 brothers and sisters who were born dragons – to stop the flying dead.


Fire Scion III: The Imperium Plot (Fantasy)

FireScion3KindlecoverThe entire Drakespring clan has been invited to stay in Roma, the imperial capital, while Andi and his father Andrion work with mages from the University of the Magical Arts on a project that could revolutionize daily life for everyone in Agena. But while they’re having fun exploring the big city and attending lavish balls, a sinister plot is underway – one that could see Andrion executed for the murder of the emperor.


The Shadow God Trilogy

In an alternate-universe version of early 18th century Europe, the Gaspari Dominion has been united in peace and prosperity for over a thousand years. But life there is better for some than for others. The seven gods are honored everywhere, manifesting in their idols to perform miracles for those who worship them. But two hundred years ago there was an eighth god – Betsalel, the lord of shadows and death. None now dare speak his name.

Child of Shadows (Fantasy)

PrintLeila, half-black daughter of a whore, finds herself out on the streets of Marsine when her mother dies. Taken in by the city’s Night Guild, an organization of thieves, she prospers in her new-found trade. But she is forced to flee Marsine at the age of 13, and finds herself on the run and in hiding. Just one big score, she thinks, and she can retire from thievery and have a normal life – far away from those who are seeking her. But she has reckoned without the Shadow God, who has other plans for her.


Queen of Shadows (Fantasy)

ShadowGod2coverLeila and her lover Tevo have stayed in Parat, helping Betsalel to restore his church in the Gaspari Dominion. But now the Shadow God’s temples in Palambo, many miles to the south, have veered from the true worship of Betsalel and raised an evil djinn in his place – one that feeds on the blood of sacrificed innocents. Leila is torn from Tevo’s arms and forced by her god – and her conscience – to journey to Palambo and do whatever it takes stop the cult of the djinn. She will become a deadly assassin, and a queen – but can her love for Tevo survive?


Mother of Shadows (Fantasy)

MotherOfShadows_lgNo longer a thief or an assassin, Leila has become Arch Priestess of Betsalel in Parat, capital of the Gaspari Dominion – a respected member of society, and the mother of two children. But when her son is abducted along with the daughter of the emperor, in a plot to allow the Gholim hordes to invade the Dominion, she and Tevo must polish up their forgotten skills and journey into the Realms of the Hando to bring the kids back safely.


Demon Bringer: Darkshield Book 1 (Fantasy/Romance)

Demon BringerWhen young adventurer Ferdyn Longblade met teenage virgin Adara Willoughby on the road to the capital, there was only one thing on his mind: how to convince the lovely Adara to part with her maidenhead. But there is more to Adara than meets the eye. For she bears the Darkshield, an ancient artifact of great magical power. An evil magus with the ability to command demons from another universe has sought it for most of her life, killing her parents in the process. And now she is seeking him, to avenge her parents and put an end to him – and his demons – once and for all. Romance, high adventure, and sizzling sex combine in the first volume of a new, fun series.


Tomb of the Kobold King: Darkshield Book 2 (Fantasy/Romance)

darksheild 2With the demon bringer dead and gone, and enough gold to keep her in luxury for the rest of her life, Adara is still not content. She wants excitement, adventure, and the chance to discover forgotten knowledge. Starting with what really happened, eleven years ago, when the Swinzen invaded her home and she fled into the night. Along the way she’ll meet a dark, handsome stranger with a hidden past, acquire a remarkable animal companion, discover a family she never knew she had, and uncover the ancient secrets of the vanished kobolds. Swords-and-sorcery adventure mixes with humor and x-rated romance in the second volume of the Darkshield series.


The Sword of Myralis: Darkshield Book 3 (Fantasy/Romance)

9173+61BVyL._SL1500_Visiting in Carlienne as she searches for more ancient mysteries to explore, Adara can’t resist an interspecies romance with a devastatingly gorgeous young elven smith. But the differences in their lifespans mean this relationship can only end in pain. She’d thought it would be a brief, fun fling – but after going on the hunt for a legendary elven artifact with him, she realizes she’s bitten off more than she can chew. Not even the Darkshield can save Adara from what they will find. Adventure, magic, and an exploration of the implications of near-immortality join with sizzling sex and doomed love in the third volume of the Darkshield series.