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Kent Burden – Get Ripped Now! Clean Eating Workout Guide for Weight Loss and a Healthy Lifestyle

Get Ripped Now

Get Ripped Now! Clean Eating Workout Guide for Weight Loss and a Healthy Lifestyle (Non-Fiction/Health and Wellness)

get ripped nowGet Ripped Now exposes the complete picture of the Clean Eating movement, what it is, and why you should be doing it. An entertaining and interactive workout guide, Get Ripped Now will start you immediately down the path to a healthy lifestyle. This 12-week clean eating workout guide is packed with clean eating tips, menus, and a day-by-day workout program for beginner, intermediate and advanced exercisers. This interactive book gives you pictures, descriptions and video links to every exercise, so you’ll always know you are doing the exercises correctly. Not just another cookbook, Get Ripped Now shows you how to build your own gym with things you probably already have in your garage or tool shed. And what you don’t have, you can buy for pennies at your local hardware store.

Celebrity trainer, wellness expert, award-winning and bestselling author Kent Burden will:
-teach you about real food, why you should eat it, and why you’re going to love it
-introduce you to healthy living at its very best
-give you a sample clean eating diet to incorporate into your clean living lifestyle
-give you research to back up why you should exclude things like white flour, processed sugar, GMOs, artificial sweeteners, artificial colors, and other processed food additives.

This book focuses on weight loss and the connection between real food and real health.


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