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Kimberley Paterson

Kimberley Paterson is a first-time author of a children’s illustrated book entitled Frankie the Ferret which has been named a 2020 Canada Book Award Winner. She was born in Uxbridge, Ontario, a small rural farming town north of Toronto where her mother still resides.

Kimberley is the mother of two children and the grandmother of four amazing little people who were the inspiration for this book. She currently lives in the countryside in Claremont, Ontario with her spouse, a chocolate lab named Molly and two cats, Kitty and Tobey.

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Frankie the Ferret (Children’s Illustrated)

Most people have a pet, typically a cat or dog but every now and then, there are more exotic pets such as snakes or hedgehogs but have you ever had a pet ferret? Frankie was our beloved pet for nine years and provided us with endless amusement with his funny little antics. Would you like to meet him, then let’s go……through this book, you will be able to live a day in the life of a very busy furry little fellow! Enjoy!

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