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Kyle Bentley

Kyle Bentley is a lifelong lover of science fiction and fantasy, who has been creating worlds and telling stories since he learned to talk. He’s a friendly chap, who will talk your ear off about one of any number of subjects if you give him the chance. Kyle lives in Ottawa, Canada, with his wife Kelsey, and enjoys playing games when he isn’t masquerading as a responsible adult. Besides fiction, he also writes and edits material for tabletop roleplaying and miniatures games. You can pay him a visit at:

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The Nightmare Schematic (Modern science fiction, with fantasy and horror elements)

Since he was a child, Connor has dreamt of horrible machines. Years of nightmares have left the young inventor clinging desperately to his unravelling sanity, but that isn’t the worst part; that would be the gnawing certainty he could build those mechanical terrors, no matter how impossible they might seem. Everything changes when his dreams reveal a new machine, a miraculous device that brings hope instead of terror, and could save humanity from the many threats facing our modern world. Connor sets to work immediately, desperate to know once and for all if the visions haunting him are merely bad dreams or something far more sinister. As the machine takes shape and forces Connor to question everything he thought he knew, unseen forces begin circling. Even with the help of his closest friends, can Connor escape the burgeoning threat? What’s more, will he ever unravel the mystery of the nightmare schematic?

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