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L.J. Forster

L.J.Forster was born and raised in Liverpool, England, before embarking on a mammoth working tour of Europe. Amongst other things, she’s worked as a barmaid, a translator, a dancer and a tour guide, all the while getting herself into some bizarre, uncomfortable, and downright dangerous situations, all of which have been stored away to be used in her novels.

So if you read about the dancer who’s being pushed illegal drugs by undercover police in Marbella, the barmaid who turns up for her first evening’s shift to find herself in a high-class brothel in Brussels, or the au-pair who’s offered an arranged marriage with the youngest son of a Marseille crime-boss, there’s a chance that it’s not simply the work of an over-active imagination.

L.J.Forster now lives safely amongst volcanos on the paradise island of Lanzarote, with her husband, two sons, too many pets, and a rather attractive mint-green Fiat 500.

‘Everybody Bleeds’ is her first published thriller.

Everybody Bleeds (Thriller)

The Rich, The Powerful, The Feared…Death respects no-one, and Layla-Rae Bryce is one of his favourite agents. A woman haunted by the death of her two young sons, living the life of a recluse, shunning all contact with the outside world; lost in an abyss of despair and loathing. The perfect candidate to join the ranks of a sinister agency dealing in the lucrative murder-to-order industry, where the client dictates the details of their victim’s termination, able to enjoy the event live by way of micro-cameras worn by their chosen assassin. But when Layla meets up with long-lost friends and considers turning her life around, her bosses are far from pleased.