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L.P. Lindeman

lplindemanL.P.Lindeman is a married mother of five – yes you read that right five phew. She resides in southern NH with her quirky, crazy family. Loves to spend time with family, friends ad three dogs. She works full time as a Home care nurse. L.P. Has been writing all her life and just recently moved into publishing in this genre. When asked what makes her stories come to life her response was “You try shutting these characters up. I have tried for years, and they never stop. I had to write it before I drive myself crazy.” She has a super sense of humor and loves the shock and awe factor to see others reactions. This series is the first of many to come in a lot of different genre’s. She loves to hear from her fans and responds quickly.

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Binding Cause: Binding Cause Series, book 1 (LGBT, Erotica)

binding causeThree tortured souls who need one another for more than just sex. In order to heal from their pasts they first have to tell their stories. Riley a former Navy Seal who would lay down his life for his lover. Trask needs to find room in his heart for Jade. Trask has always known his need for a man and a woman but will he sacrifice his own needs for those of Riley? Will these two men find what they both need to heal in Jade? Jade has never known two men quite like Riley and Trask and yet the pull to be near them is stronger than she has ever known. Just when they find each other Riley’s past threatens to end this love affair before it has a chance to begin. Riley, Jade and Trask all need to overcome their own demons to bring down the strongest obstacle that can bring Riley to his knees.

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Seal to Seal: Binding Cause Series, book 2 (LGBT, Erotica)

seal to sealRiley: A former Navy Seal kept in captivity for months and tortured. After losing most of his team except one they are rescued. However the torture he faced in the sandbox doesn’t measure to what he suffers in his own mind. Loving Trask didn’t come easy to Riley. Now, facing his demons and adding Jade to the mix, he needs to understand Trask’s need for both women and men as a full time deal. Just when he starts to feel settled into his new life, all hell breaks loose when his former teammate takes Jade to lure Riley back to the past and threaten his future. Is he strong enough to let go in order to move forward, or will his guilt deny him his own happiness? Follow Jade and Trask and they try to fight for their man in a war they are unsure how to fight.

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