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Lacie Grayson

Lacie GraysonLacie Grayson is a writer and retired circus performer. Now she kinda does the DJ thing and is a tele-mesmerist. Try saying that three times fast! Lacie crams a lot of stuff in short amounts of time, like her love of mermaids, time travel, and unagi.

You can find her in the upcoming Red Phone Box as well.

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Bad Juju (Erotica)

Bad JujuLux Shimshi is a medium and one of the last mermaids living on the eastern seaboard. She’s haunted in more ways than one. At 22 years old all Lux really wanted to do was go to college, be the best DJ and rock her town. If she can manage not to get herself killed.

Lux is a nexus for the supernatural. Born of a merman and shapeshifter, she was thrust into the strange and unknowable as her true heritage. On top of all that, her latent ability to speak to the dead causes its own fair share of trouble.

Bad Juju takes a cross-section of the weird and wonderful world of Lux’s in a selection of short stories,(a cycle) each featuring an aspect of the medium’s adventures. It’s old school noir meets urban fantasy.


Borrowed Wishes (Erotica)

Borrowed Wishes*This contains Strange Magic as part of the cycle*

Lux Shimshi and her crew are back and this time its all about dreams. Is Lux ready to travel or not? Is she single or not? Well, not really.

Lux meets a sexy and snarky new friend, well he’s more like her mentor but she’s plenty friendly. Ever wanted to know what’s really going on at Burning Man?

Just remember…hold on!


S & M: Sex and Machinery (Erotica)

S & MS&M: Sex and Machinery is a collection of two short novellas with a steampunk and paranormal theme. Both stories and the extras within contain heavy BDSM themes and imagery that juxtaposes the nature of self within self and what it means to give oneself to another.

Will and desire despite the danger. What it means to become a puppet or the plaything of a dangerous beast.