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Leslie Georgeson

leslieLeslie Georgeson began writing at the age of fourteen and has been weaving tales ever since. She is currently working on her third novel, Abducted, Book 2 in the Unlikely Heroes romantic suspense series, which she hopes to release in the spring of 2015.

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No Son of Mine (Drama/Mystery/Romance)

Silhouette father and son at sunsetWelcome to Maple City…where the citizens create their own laws and vigilantes rule.
Sam Whitfield is living the life most twenty-somethings would die for: his grandfather is the richest man in town and Sam only has to ask for anything he wants and it is handed to him. The only problem is his grandfather wants him to step up and help run the family business, which Sam has no interest in.

When Sam learns of Richard Cook’s release from prison, he is rocked by the enormity of the lie his grandfather told him when he was just five years old. Now Sam is on a mission to discover the truth of what happened the night his mother was murdered.

Sam sets out to find Cook, the man who was convicted of killing his mother. A man who has claimed his innocence all along. And when the local vigilante mob targets Cook as their next victim, only Sam can save him.

When Sam runs into Sarah, an old childhood friend, he is instantly smitten. But she wants nothing to do with him and she has a boyfriend whom Sam suspects is part of the vigilantes. Can he convince her to help him fight the vigilantes?

While outsmarting his grandfather and thwarting the vigilantes, Sam develops a relationship with the man he wronged so many years ago. But Sam’s grandfather has big plans for Sam that don’t include Richard Cook, and Sam must make the most important decision of his life.


Stolen: Unlikely Heroes, Book I (Romance/Suspense)

stolenThe past and present collide for world-renowned horse trainer, April Huntington. A serial killer craves women who look like her. FBI Special Agent Nick Miller fears the killer has targeted April. He must convince her of the danger she’s in before the killer adds her to his collection. But will she even see Nick after he broke her heart six years ago? Nick vows not to let anything happen to her—all the while wondering if he can save her before it’s too late.

Although April promised herself she’d never forgive Nick for what he did, his unexpected return makes her long for what could have been. Nick, too, battles his desire for April and his own scars from their past. If they both survive this obsessed sociopath, can they overcome the hurt and betrayal that has kept them apart for so long?


Abducted: Unlikely Heroes, Book II (Romance/Suspense)

abductedWhen Max Montgomery finds a car washed up on the river bank in the middle of a winter storm—the very same car his daughter disappeared in over three years ago—he has no idea that an unknown enemy lurks close by, waiting to strike. Desperate to find out what happened to his daughter, he approaches the vehicle and discovers an unconscious woman and a ferocious wolf inside. Locked somewhere inside the woman’s amnesiac brain are clues to what happened to her, and possibly Max’s daughter. Max intends to uncover the truth. No matter the cost.

After an online search of missing persons, they discover the woman’s name: Jennie Jones. Quite by accident, Jennie realizes that she shares a unique telepathic connection with the wolf. By tapping into the wolf’s mind, Jennie struggles to remember what happened. And as evil creeps closer, Max begins to suspect this is not about Jennie—it’s about him.

Tormented by the past and his distrust of Jennie, Max fights his attraction to her, determined not to let her get too close. But he needs Jennie’s help to uncover the truth.

A truth that might well destroy him.

NOTE: All books in this series are loosely connected stand-alones. Each book is a full-length novel with a conclusion