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Linley Carmon

Linley Carmon lives in a small, South Carolina town. Though her novels include many dramatic twists, turns, and romantic entanglements, her real life is drama-free save breaking up scuffles between her two pampered pooches. She enjoys reading, watching movies, writing, and eating a good meal (if and when her dogs allow). She is the author of three other novels, hundreds of strongly worded e-mails, and too many text messages and to-do lists to count.

While You Were Dead: Seasons of Life, Book 1 (Drama, Fiction)

How far would you go to protect the people you love? What choices would you make? Could you live with the consequences? It was one bad decision that got out of control. It was one bad choice he didn’t think through. It was one misstep that would change his life forever. Blaine Foster had everything he ever wanted – a beautiful wife, amazing children, and a successful career. Until he didn’t. When the people you trust most in the world betray you, where do you turn, what do you do, and how do you move on?


Home Again: Seasons of Life, Book 2 (Drama, Fiction)

Life is for the living – not for those that play dead. Blaine Foster came home to his wife, his children, and his family, but his return wasn’t very glorious. Life didn’t stop in his absence and his new normal is nothing like the life he left behind. Where does he fit in to his family’s new reality, and can he ever earn their trust again?


Lost and Found: Seasons of Life, Book 3 (Drama, Fiction)

In the final book of the Seasons of Life series …

Blaine and Brooklyn have finally found their way back to each other and the life they loved. The second chance they dreamed of is right at their fingertips and nothing seems to be standing in their way. But not everyone has found their happy ending and some people don’t have the thing they want the most.


Heartland Cafe’ (Drama, Fiction)

Finn McAllister was born into a legacy, one his father, Franklin, takes very seriously. Determined to chart his own course despite his father’s objections, Finn follows his heart and finds the job of his dreams. He also finds the woman he loves in Piper Holland. She’s everything he’s ever wanted – independent, self-sufficient, and passionate, with no qualms about hard work. Their life seems perfect … until it isn’t.

When balancing work and home isn’t easy and Finn is forced to choose between the dreams he has for his life and the woman he’s dreamed of having that life with, he sets a chain of events into motion that will alter all of their lives forever.


Island (Drama, Fiction)

An island getaway … to leave work behind, to rebuild, to reconnect, to celebrate life, to find beauty, to find what was lost … Everyone came for a reason, but no one expected the trip to be one they’d never be able to forget. When paradise turns perilous, relationships are tested, alliances are formed, and not everyone can find the strength to survive.