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Lola Andrews

Lola Andrews is a Spanish fiction author, hoping to become a full-time writer. Growing up in between Spain and Venezuela, Lola began writing the moment she developed an imagination. Though her skill has changed with time (for the better!), she has always been hungry for new and better stories, and now hopes to add to the LGBTQ community with her humble offerings.

Having graduated from Universidad Pontificia Comillas with a degree on Industrial Engineering, Lola currently works as an IT Consultant, producing massive Power Points and pretending to know what she’s talking about. She also teaches at her old university, on the subject of Business Competitiveness.

After jumping about the world for a while and living in the United States and the United Kingdom, she’s now settled back in Madrid, where she enjoys sunny winters and long walks by its urban landscapes. She lives with her girlfriend and her grouchy turtle, Conchita.

When not writing (or working!) Lola can be found pole dancing, drinking wine, watching movies and reading everything that falls into her greedy hands.

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Vignettes (Erotica, LGBT, Romance, Short Stories)

Kamila is fighting loneliness, and her affair with a married woman hardly seems like the solution, Lana and Emma don’t know what they want, other than each other, while Eric, Sam and Tove are just enjoying each other and their shared life. Meanwhile, Mia is just very horny and missing her wife, Clara and Julia are trapped together in a road trip, Linda is blocked, and Jaron and Noah are barely holding on to their sanity.

Meet them and many more in this collection of short stories, which hopes to show the beauty of love had, love lost and love kept. Join these everyday heroes, who take chances in the simplest ways, and who, above all, want nothing but love. These stories of LGBT persuasion hope to inspire, warm up and enliven your day.