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Loren Marsters and Gus Koernig

Loren Marsters: A former active duty Marine and Vietnam vet; after serving a three-year enlistment, Marsters gave college a second and more serious try, graduating from Cal-State University, Northridge with a B.A. in Speech Communications and a minor in Theatre Arts. Though The Redemption of Lonnie Tate is his first novel, Marsters’ first career was in advertising; where he became an award-winning television, radio, and print advertising copywriter and commercial director. His first jump into, as he puts it, “writing something more in depth than a video, trade show presentation”, was in 2000. It was a one act play titled, A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A NIGHT AT A DANCE, – a comedy about life in a single’s dating group. Tremendously successful, the play toured throughout the southwestern United States for four years. In 2009, Loren was commissioned by a domestic violence prevention organization to write what would become his first musical: DOMESTIC VIOLENCE THE MUSICAL? His powerful and outside-the-box piece continues to tour U.S. military bases, and posts, nationally and internationally, and has made such an impact, it was presented at the Commanders War College at Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas, this year. Loren and his wife, Kristina live in Mesa, Arizona. Between them they have six children.

Gus Koernig: Award-winning journalist Gus Koernig started his career at The San Francisco Chronicle, then spent a year with The Associated Press. He moved into broadcast journalism in the 1970s, reporting and anchoring for TV and radio stations across the western United States.
As a journalist, Koernig reported from Russia during the first months after the collapse of the Soviet Union. And as the anchor for a television network affiliate, moderated a nationally-broadcast town hall meeting with President Bill Clinton.
Koernig has ghostwritten five books on five completely different topics before turning his hand to fiction. He is the father of nine children, and he and his wife, Glenda, a real estate professional, live in Mesa, Arizona; and like to spend time traveling and hiking.

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The Redemption of Lonnie Tate (Suspense, Espionage, Thriller)

In 1966, a smart-ass kid, named Lonnie Tate, steals a police car, goes joy riding, and gets arrested.

At trial, Lonnie is given a choice, the military or jail.

He chooses the military – goes in the Marine Corps and goes to Vietnam.

Some 18 months, two Purple Hearts, a Bronze and Silver Star later, Sergeant Lonnie Tate, along with 184 fellow Marines, step off a plane at LAX, and into the middle of a war protest.

The end result: Lonnie and two Marine buddies, Sergeant’s Marcus Pentangelo and Brian Shapiro, are recruited to become agents for the CIA.

Fast forward some 40 years; Still a smartass, Lonnie Tate is a retired advertising agency exec.

Bored with retirement, Lonnie takes the only job a man his age can find. He’s a Security Guard at an amusement park.

Boring job, boring life. Until the day a young woman, coming through a turnstile, sets off a metal detector.

From that point on, Lonnie Tate’s life turns into a dangerous, high-speed, rollercoaster ride. A ride taking him back to a life he loved and hated; both for the same reason…he was good at it.

He still is. But he’s not a kid anymore. There’s a lot more to lose.

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