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Luke Phillips

Luke PhillipsLuke has always been a keen student of the natural world. Combined with a keen sense of adventure, he has traveled far and wide in search of the world’s wild wonders. During his studies of zoology at Liverpool John Moores University, he was surprised to find the Loch Ness Monster referenced in the first lecture he attended, opening up the mysteries of cryptid culture to him. But even before then, having spent time on the shores of that famous Scottish landmark as a young boy, and with a keen imagination fueled by horror films glimpsed through his childhood fingers, his interest in myths and monsters was evident from a young age. He lives in the west Kent town of Sevenoaks in the UK. Despite having always been encouraged to write by teachers and readers alike, Shadow Beast is his first novel

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Shadow Beast (Horror/Thriller)

Layout 1It is a dark moonless night in the Highlands of Scotland. A lorry slowly navigates the twists and turns of the loch-side road as rain begins to pelt against the windscreen. It is the early hours of the morning and the road is empty. The driver wipes his eyes and winds down the window to let the air and rain revive him. As he rounds a bend, he catches a glimpse of something sleek and black pulling the carcass of a deer into the undergrowth. He feels a shiver run down his spine and winds the window back up. He tells no-one.

When evidence of a remarkable predator is discovered in the Highlands of Scotland, Thomas Walker finds himself confronted with his past and a creature the likes of which he had never wanted to face again. As its devastating rampage goes unchecked and threatens his home, the woman he loves and his very way of life, an older and much more human adversary seeks him out. How long had it surveyed Glen Cannich from the mountainside and how long would they survive its presence?

There are nearly 2,000 reported sightings of what have become known as mystery big cats across the UK every year. Some, such as the beasts of Bodmin and Dartmoor have become infamous. Their origin and identity remain unknown. Shadow Beast, the new chiller from Luke Phillips offers a terrifying and deadly explanation.

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