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Malcolm Powell – Hell or Empire: The Lords Omnibus

The Lords Omnibus

Hell or Empire: The Lords Omnibus (Science-Fiction)

The Lords OmnibusGrace Turnbull a tough girl from Glasgow abducted along with countless others from all over the Earth. Taken to a planet called Heaven, but not by aliens. They are to be trained as troopers in the new Earth Freedom Fighters army. All they found for their hard work was deceit, and lies. Grace and her followers survive the hardships of Heaven, only to find them doing battle with the Devils from the Black who raid the planet Comlitch to harvest Children, But why?

Follow her exploits on the planets Heaven, Ollor, Comlitch, and Warrior.

Who are, The Lords of Heaven? If she returns to Earth, will she find the truth, or will she and her followers fall to the power of the Lords?


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