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Martin Todd

martin toddMartin was born in Belper, Derbyshire, UK in 1972.

After many years of watching and reading science fiction, he was inspired to create his own SF worlds and characters. He began writing for SF fanzines in the 1990s, and went on to become a published poet and short story writer in many genres as well as SF.
He attended the University of Derby from 2000 – 2003 where he gained a BA (hons) degree in Creative Writing for Publication, Film & Television Studies, and Theatre Studies.

He has written two more Chronicles of Zake novels which will be published from 2016 onwards and thereby create a trilogy of sorts – although that doesn’t necessarily mean that there won’t be more Zake books to follow at some point in the future.
He is also working on another science fiction novel which is a dystopian thriller with plenty of humour and horror.

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Ducks of Destruction – The Chronicles of Zake: Book One (Science-Fiction, Comedy)

DoDeBookThree million years in the future. The atmosphere of the Solar System has been dramatically altered. The human race is extinct and a new species has evolved.
The industrial planet of Zgasta is about to explode. This sort of thing happens a lot and most people just run away. Zake, however, does the exact opposite when he learns that his best friend, Karra De Karra, and his favourite heavy metal band, Ducks of Destruction, have been kidnapped by Zgasta’s angry workforce.
With the help of Poda the pilot, a couple of mercenaries called Astra Vega and Vak Clancy, several significant space-time anomalies and a bunch of blue twinkly things, Zake might just end up . . . doing stuff.
Zake’s not a hero – he’s a Dingbat!
Ducks of Destruction is a madcap sci-fi comedy full of quirky characters and surreal situations.

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