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Michelle Perkins

Raised in Atlanta, Michelle graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Criminology. She won numerous writing awards during high school. Michelle was the winner of the 2001 Hugh O’Brien Youth Leadership Award for South Gwinnett High School. Her soon to be children’s book is adapted from her 2001 reflections short story. Michelle was certified as a copy editor in 2008. Her passions outside of writing include graphic design, horseback riding, and teaching her children new things.

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Judgment’s Nightmare (Crime, Mystery)

A retired Army Major flashes back to being captured and taken as a prisoner of war. Nightmares of her Army days plague her throughout the night. During her commission, she is pressed for information. Revealing the information her captors want could mean life or death. What really happens in her head is anyone\’s guess. Now, she reveals it to those who will listen.

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