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Nerice Redd

nerice reddNerice Redd struggled with dyslexia at an early age which contributed to her developing a keen interest in writing stories of her own. During this time she turned to reading a wide range of fantasy books to help her triumph over the condition. This in turn served to stir up the desire for her to come up with similar stories of her own in the long run. At the early age of between nine and ten therefore, she began writing as a hobby but later discovered how much she enjoyed storytelling. This would later on lead her to work on and complete her works in progress, comprising stories from when she was young. She has not looked back since then and has been writing for close to ten years now. Her writing mainly comprises fiction as well as fantasy stories. Currently she is studying Classical civilizations and Medieval Studies where she lives in Swansea, Wales a long way from her home town in Riverside, California. Dethroned is the first novel she has written, one she holds dear to her heart. Apart from writing she takes pleasure in activities such as role-playing games, Archery and video games among other interests.

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Dethroned (Young Adult, Fantasy)

perf5.000x8.000.inddAna and her friends are normal, by most standards, not the most popular people but that kind of thing didn’t bother them. The biggest drama in their lives is trying to convince Ana that her crush isn’t worth the effort… That is, until a pack of monster wolves attacks them and Kei takes charge pulling them through a portal to the magical world of Ethoriallaia. Now their problems are multiplying by the day. Ana learns that this attack wasn’t an accident they were soldiers sent by a man who wants her dead to claim a throne that is rightfully hers. Now Ana must train to use powers and skills she never knew she had. Hopefully, she will stand a chance against this man she knows nothing about even though he has more resources and years of experience on her. Ana knows she must face him even though her chances are slim, but something doesn’t sit right with her about the situation, there’s some dark secret Kei just won’t tell her about this man she seems destined to face.