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Clive Carpenter

It was Henry Kuttner’s 1936 short story, “The Graveyard Rats”, that heavily influenced Clive Carpenter’s desire to write horror. Since the age of 16, no other horror story he has ever read has scared him or given him such a feeling of dread and helplessness as Kuttner’s claustrophobic tale of terror, and he has dedicated his life to finding that one story within himself capable of recreating that feeling in his own readers.

Since 2015, he has published 3 books with several more on the way. Clive’s stories and writing style can be quick and brutal and fans of his work appreciate the fact that he doesn’t waste time with a lot of descriptive wordage.

Clive’s emotionally disturbing short story, “Confession”, has been highly praised and has won several awards. It has been dubbed “the darkest story ever published” on Deadman’s Tome, an E-zine dedicated to horror. Ghostlight: The Magazine of Terror, has called his work “Spellbinding & quite horrifying”. Best selling horror author Wesley Thomas has described his storytelling as “Unnerving & downright brutal”. The horror website, Splats of Blood, has given his writing “7 out of 10 Splats of Blood”.

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Alexandria Victor

Alexandria Victor is a New York writer working on her debut novel Beyond Normal. Alexandria spent most of her childhood living inside a world of books. Her favorite stories growing up were the Goosebumps books, Harry Potter, and Shel Silverstein. Now she loves all things Fantasy, dystopian and Young Adult. When Alex is not reading or writing you can usually find her with her two Guinea pigs Rogue and Jubilee. Alex also loves connecting with other writers on twitter so make sure to reach out to her.

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Demetra Yuvanu

Demetra Yuvanu was born and raised in Athens, Greece. Through many life experiences in Athens, Turkey, Texas, Washington State, California and North Carolina, she now calls South Carolina USA home.

She is a mother of two sons and grandmother of two gorgeous boys! She is a certified Nia instructor, a licensed Ageless Grace Educator, an EFT coach, an experiential workshop facilitator and the author of two books regarding choice, focus and manifestation, principles she has studied and has been applying all her adult life.

Demetra is passionate about Nia, which was love at first step and first sound 13 plus years ago in San Diego, CA. Dancing is her medicine.

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Brandon Draga

Brandon Draga was born in 1986, just outside Toronto, Ontario. His love of all things fantasy began at an early age with games like The Legend of Zelda, Heroquest, and Dungeons and Dragons. This affinity for the arcane and archaic led to his studying history at York University from 2005 to 2011. In late 2012, he began writing a D&D campaign setting that would lay the groundwork for the world of Olhean, the setting for his “Four Kingdoms Saga” novel series, compared by critics to the works of Terry Brooks, Michael J. Sullivan, and R.A. Salvatore. Brandon has also proven that SF/F can be made accessible at any age, writing the lauded picture book “Dragon in the Doghouse”. Brandon still lives just outside Toronto, and when he is not writing enjoys skateboarding, playing guitar, and playing tabletop games.

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Gregory Josephs

Gregory Josephs is an author of LGBT coming of age fiction who spends a lot of time indulging his insatiable curiosity—about everything. He believes in self-love, authentic food, and that procrastination is the product of an intensely creative mind.

Gregory was raised in Colorado, but spent many of his summers in Wisconsin, where he fell in love with the idea of everything North.

Growing up in the southwest, at some point there was more hot sauce than blood running through his veins, and thanks to his foodie parents its a rare day that he doesn’t down a jalapeño. He’s a foodie too, now (with a serious addiction to cooking magazines). When he isn’t writing he’s likely in the kitchen fermenting something—bread dough, cheese, sauerkraut, and most recently mead.

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Foster Henderson

Foster Henderson is a British author.

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Book Cover Express

Since 2000, I have worked on more than 2,000 book cover design projects. My clients have been featured on/in: Good Morning America, Today, Oprah, Entertainment Tonight, 48-hours, People Magazine, L.A. Times, The Washington Post, and TV Guide. I have created hundreds of book covers for Ingram / Lightning Source, CreateSpace and Amazon’s e-book publishing programs.

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Forrest Hayes

Born and raised in the Southwestern USA, Forrest Hayes currently resides in Prescott, Arizona. His travel experiences in Chiapas, Mexico started rattling around in his head, inspiring a short story. One evening in 1988, he sat down and started writing the rough draft that is now Chapter 3 of Na Bolom. From then on, he was hooked. You might say he was obsessed, or possessed. So the reason he’s a writer is because of this story – he had to get the damn thing out of his head!

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Malini Chaudhri

Malini Chaudhri Ph.D is a technical writer with statutes. She is a senior professional in Alternative medicine, formal Academy Qualification manager(UK Occupational Standards), Assessor and content developer. She is an authorized skills knowledge provider and has developed a database through her authors works on technical systems of manual massage and alternative therapies. She catalogues, maintains archives and directories of essential methodology for global competency. She is licensed in Acupuncture from WHO(china), and in Sports massage from USA. Her main specialization is Low level laser, where she demonstrated academia based on a senior fraternity of scientists.

She has lived and worked in China, USA and India, and received privileges through grants and sponsorship to pursue her projects and international studies.

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Erik Henry Vick

Erik Henry Vick is an author who happens to be disabled by an autoimmune disease (also known as his Personal Monster™). He writes to hang on to the few remaining shreds of his sanity. His current favorite genres to write are dark fantasy and horror.
He lives in Western New York with his wife, Supergirl; their son; a Rottweiler named after a god of thunder; and two extremely psychotic cats. He fights his Personal Monster™ daily with humor, pain medicine, and funny T-shirts.
Erik has a B.A. in Psychology, an M.S.C.S., and a Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence. He has worked as a criminal investigator for a state agency, a college professor, a C.T.O. for an international software company, and a video game developer.

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