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Jessica Reino

As an author herself, Jessica understands what it takes to get a manuscript ready for publication. As an author coach, she is always ready to help authors along the publishing journey by creating a coaching plan that works for each individual author. She also runs a monthly Twitter chat #thewriterszen to discuss self-care, best practices, and all things writing.

On the editorial side, Jessica specializes in developmental/substantive editing & final proofreading for works of fiction.

Jessica is a member of The Editorial Freelancers Association, The Women’s Fiction Writers Association, and The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. To learn more about Jessica or her services, please visit:

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Steven Liparulo

Dr. Steven Liparulo graduated with a PhD from the University of Houston Creative Writing Program in 2002 and was associate director for writing programs at the University of Houston Writing Center from 2003 to 2016.

He completed undergraduate degrees in English and philosophy from Binghamton University while earning an Army ROTC commission at Cornell University in 1983.

A graduate of US Army Airborne, Ranger, and Special Forces schools, he served as an infantry officer in the Republic of Korea and as a Special Forces A-Team Leader at Fort Devens, Massachusetts.

After Army service, he taught high school in Norwich, New York, and earned master’s degrees in teaching and English literature from his undergraduate alma mater.

His work has appeared in Arizona Quarterly; War, Literature, and the Arts; Assessing Writing; Gulf Coast; and the Mark Heberle-edited book Thirty Years After: New Essays on Vietnam War Literature, Film, and Art.

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Raj Fernandes

I love writing. Full stop. To me, writing is an outlet. It’s a personal thing that lets my inner voice be heard across a wider audience. It makes me feel connected.

My book is a little showcase of how I discovered the wonders and power of my own mind. It taught me to use curiosity in a positive way and help me save lives. Because smoking can eventually kill. If my book can in any way help protect smokers from the fatal clutches of cancer and other horrific diseases – mission accomplished!

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Michelle Perkins

Raised in Atlanta, Michelle graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Criminology. She won numerous writing awards during high school. Michelle was the winner of the 2001 Hugh O’Brien Youth Leadership Award for South Gwinnett High School. Her soon to be children’s book is adapted from her 2001 reflections short story. Michelle was certified as a copy editor in 2008. Her passions outside of writing include graphic design, horseback riding, and teaching her children new things.

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Farrell McNulty

George Carlin gleefully gave a dissertation on seven very ugly words you can never say on television, and noted half of them didn’t even belong on the list. These days, most of them can be, and are, said on television. Lenny Bruce imagined someone’s indignant reaction to the Lone Ranger riding off into the sunset without hearing a “thank you”. Norman Lear very matter-of-factly mocked bigots as well as bleeding hearts. John Waters parodied and expressed his affection for films you were likely to go to hell for even watching, by making his own films which were banned and threatened with censorship and even jail time.

Farrell McNulty thrived on all of this and so much more. The word “inspired” doesn’t even begin to describe the impact this all had on him as a child, adolescent and “twenty-something”. For a presentation in a history class, he was assigned the story of mental health advocate Dorothy Dix and turned it into a comedy. Later, he treated the parents in a children’s show audience to a steamier side of Snow White which they loved. He once proposed a risque parody of the Song of Bernadette, which was met with a resounding “NO!”

Still, you can’t hang a guy for trying. Now in his early fifties, Farrell plans to live out the rest of his life in adherence to his own heavily-influenced vision.

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Dr. Dawn Menge

Dr. Dawn Menge has won thirty-one national awards as a self-published author of the Queen Vernita’s Educational Series. Her published works also include: THE SIX FEDERAL INDIVIDUAL EDUCATION PLAN GOALS AND THE EFFECTIVENESS OF THEIR IMPLEMENTATION IN PREPARING FOR TRANSITION.
Dr. Dawn Menge has a PHD in Education. She specialized in Curriculum and Instruction. A Master’s and a Clear Credential in moderate/severe disabilities and a Bachelor’s in Human Development. Dr. Dawn Menge has been teaching severely handicapped students for sixteen years.
Dr. Dawn Menge is the mother of three and the grandmother of five beautiful grandchildren.

Dr. Menge’s author page

Hans Erdman

Hans Erdman is a retired park ranger and former paramedic, who currently works in the field of Emergency Medical Services special event administration, and patient transportation training, when he is not writing, bicycling or fly fishing. Long a fan of J.R.R. Tolkien, CS Lewis, Terry Brooks and Stephen Donaldson, “Truthbearer: The Journeys of Connor Clark” is his first foray into epic fantasy. Previously, his published non–fiction works have appeared in a number of emergency medical, silent sport, conservation and law enforcement publications, as well as his Backcountry blog, which is also hosted his fictional Mill Forge Christmas stories, based on the early Forest Rangers in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York, and a constable who may or may not be a well-known individual from the North Pole. Hans and his wife Ellen live in central Minnesota. They have two adopted daughters and six grandchildren.

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Loren Marsters

Loren Marsters: A former active duty Marine and Vietnam vet; after serving a three-year enlistment, Marsters gave college a second and more serious try, graduating from Cal-State University, Northridge with a B.A. in Speech Communications and a minor in Theatre Arts. Though The Redemption of Lonnie Tate is his first novel, Marsters’ first career was in advertising; where he became an award-winning television, radio, and print advertising copywriter and commercial director. His first jump into, as he puts it, “writing something more in depth than a video, trade show presentation”, was in 2000. It was a one act play titled, A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A NIGHT AT A DANCE, – a comedy about life in a single’s dating group. Tremendously successful, the play toured throughout the southwestern United States for four years. In 2009, Loren was commissioned by a domestic violence prevention organization to write what would become his first musical: DOMESTIC VIOLENCE THE MUSICAL? His powerful and outside-the-box piece continues to tour U.S. military bases, and posts, nationally and internationally, and has made such an impact, it was presented at the Commanders War College at Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas, this year. Loren and his wife, Kristina live in Mesa, Arizona. Between them they have six children.

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Gus Koernig

Gus Koernig: Award-winning journalist Gus Koernig started his career at The San Francisco Chronicle, then spent a year with The Associated Press. He moved into broadcast journalism in the 1970s, reporting and anchoring for TV and radio stations across the western United States.
As a journalist, Koernig reported from Russia during the first months after the collapse of the Soviet Union. And as the anchor for a television network affiliate, moderated a nationally-broadcast town hall meeting with President Bill Clinton.
Koernig has ghostwritten five books on five completely different topics before turning his hand to fiction. He is the father of nine children, and he and his wife, Glenda, a real estate professional, live in Mesa, Arizona; and like to spend time traveling and hiking.

Gus’s author page

Rebecca Raimondo Proofreading

I have been pretty obsessed with reading for as long as I can remember. I would slink off to the corner to read at any given opportunity and still today I often have my head buried in a book, (albeit less often with two small children running around!). But my other passion is art, of all genres – from Leonardo Da Vinci to Antony Gormley – so when it came to choosing an educational path, I knew it had to combine the two.
I began with a Foundation Diploma in Fine Art at Norwich School of Art and Design, (where I soon realised I am no good at creating the art myself) before studying for a degree in Art History and English Literature at Goldsmiths College, University of London.
Following my graduation, I took on a number of temping positions at some of the UK’s leading publishing houses and art galleries, Faber & Faber, Random House Publishing and the National Gallery of Art.
I moved back to my childhood home in East Anglia in the mid ‘noughties’ to take on the role of Manager at an independent art gallery in the beautiful seaside town of Southwold, before heading back to London a little while later to begin working for Sotheby’s Auction House. There I remained until 2014 when my husband and I decided to leave London and relocate back to East Anglia. This gave me the nudge I needed to steer my career back onto the publishing road and I began my proofreading training with The Publishing Training Centre.
The rest, as they say, is history.

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