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New Arrivals 2019

Karen Payton Holt

Born in Wales, Karen Payton Holt brought up her family in Kent and came late to writing. Her three children are full grown and, in 2011, she had a dream – yes, she knows that sounds like a cliche, but there it is.

One morning, she had a conversation with her daughter about vampire fiction. Karen’s position was ‘there is no point writing about vampires, unless you have something new to say’.

That night, she had a dream which followed her around in the daytime, too. She got out her laptop and wrote it out of her head. But no, instead of putting an end to the story, it opened a floodgate she had no idea was there.

Karen went from someone who had never written a word in thirty years, to writing 80,000 in six weeks.

It was the birth of the ‘Fire & Ice’ series of books featuring Connor and Rebekah, and a prequel set in 1910 London. The first 5 books were released in 2018, hopefully. The final instalment will be released this year.

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Jean Cerfontaine

Jean Cerfontaine is a South African author based in Johannesburg. His debut novel “Where do you go to” was published in 2018. Jean is a Healthcare consultant who has had numerous non-fiction pieces published in the local South African press, dealing with issues of national healthcare policy. As subject matter expert, he has also addressed press conferences and made television appearances in this field. His fictional works are published under a nom de plume. “Where do you got to” is the first of a proposed trilogy of works exploring the life of Marie-Claire le Blanc. Jean enjoys travelling to Europe with his wife on annual vacations and has three dogs. Like all authors, he dreams of retiring to Paris to write full time in the inspirational City of Lights. His writing style resembles that of Patricia Highsmith of “The Talented Mr Ripley” fame.

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Rory Margraf

Rory is a writer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the Birthplace of Liberty. His work has been featured with the Freedom Today Network, Speak Freely, Being Libertarian, Think Liberty, and the Foundation for Economic Education. His writing focuses on individual rights, peaceful dissidence, and American and Irish politics. He currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona.

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Allen Stanfill

My name is, Allen Stanfill. What can I say, I like to read and write books. I also enjoy fishing and camping with my wife and two kids in Powell, Wyoming. The mountain view that I get to see day in and day out is inspiring, a work of art itself. The snow in the winter, not so much. There are times when I work out with my wife, consider that our alone time, just kidding. But honestly, if you enjoy reading a good murder mystery, then you will enjoy reading my work. Myself, I like a good mystery, some of the all-time greats have kept me on my toes, makes me want to come back for more. And that’s exactly what I’m trying to accomplish, make you, the reader want to come back for more. What I want is for the reader, more than anything is to be entertained.

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