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Nicole E. Woolaston

nicole e woolastonNicole E. Woolaston was born in New York, where she currently resides, and raised in Virginia. She has been writing since early childhood, which included writing and drawing picture books for her family at the age of six. She wrote her first chapter book at age twelve, thanks to the inspiration she received from authors such as James Howe and Tom McGowen. To this day she has written close to 125 books, and published five, including the “Fortune’s Wing” series and the “Valentine” series. A lover of all things punk rock, she is also a songwriter and a poet, and plays electric guitar.

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Our Lady of Righteous Rage (Literary Fiction)

Our_Lady_of_Righteou_Cover_for_KindleNew York during the dawn of the new Millennium! Punk rock and teenage dreams! And cats…lots of cats. Becoming a great guitarist and being the member of a band: those are the hopes and dreams of a young cat-girl named Amy Edwards. Amy and her friends spend their days hitting up record shops in search of the best vinyl, listening to their favorite bands and playing music. But as the group begins to grow up, things between them begin to change. Their childhood dreams have a chance to become reality, and Amy and her friends have a shot at making it big. However, not everyone in Amy’s life seems to be on her side. Will she and her friends succeed? Will the music be enough, or will the pitfalls of life and adulthood get in their way? Written in the style of William Faulkner’s “As I Lay Dying”, this is a story of love, friendship, and rock n’ roll!


Fortune’s Wing (Fantasy)

FW1CSFortune Oyama’s normal life is suddenly interrupted by an encounter with a mysterious stranger; one who is aware of the nightmares he has been having and seems to know a lot about him. Through this meeting, Fortune discovers he is part of a prophecy to either save or destroy the world. Of course, he doesn’t take this seriously, until a Left Wing miraculously sprouts from his back…
Fortune and his friends find themselves on a dangerous journey to recover the Right Wing, and complete the set. But his task is not without opposition: The Winged Seven, a group of sorcerers, also want the Wings. Their leader Dememtri will stop at nothing to gain the power of the Wings. He who possesses the Wings, shall control the fate of the world…


Fortune’s Wing: Second Flight (Fantasy)

FW2CSWith both of the Wings and his pendant now complete, Fortune Oyama and his friends find themselves back at home…but not for long. Demetri and the Winged Seven are still hunting for Fortune, and time is running out. Fortune finds himself on his “Second Flight”; the portion of his journey where he will have to decide the world’s fate. Even with his friends at his side, will Fortune be strong enough to wield the power of the Wings and save the world, or will life as we know it come to an end?


Valentine (Action/Adventure)

VAL1CSWhen you work for John Rafferty, the only way to quit is to see him in person. But when Vincent Entienne goes all the way to California to see Rafferty and doesn’t return, his daughter Val suspects foul play. Val, known to many as “Valentine”, decides to make a road trip from Chicago to California to find him. If he’s alive, she’ll bring him home. If he’s dead, she’ll avenge his death. But this road trip won’t be easy: Val knows she’s being followed, and when she picks up an orphan named Melinda, things become even more complicated. Even if Val makes it to California, she may not be prepared for the new dangers that will follow…


Valentine 2: The Patron Saint (Action/Adventure)

VAL2CSVal and her family begin to settle into a normal life. Melinda is in school; Val, Veronica and Vincent are working. And then, a stranger arrives, and interrupts everything. She knows a secret…a secret that has put her life in danger. Val must once again take on the responsibility of being Valentine and protect her family. The arrival of a new enemy and another valkyrie make Val question her past, and she finally learns why everyone is afraid of the name Valentine…


Allan & Mac: Valentine Apart Book 1 (Satire)

AMCSIf you’re working as a hit man, most of your “jobs” are pretty simple. You receive a phone call, you learn about your target, and then you take them out. However, if you happen to be Allan or Mackenzie Avery, you get a little creative. Because as far as Mackenzie is concerned, “Just shooting them isn’t any fun”….

Meet Allan Avery and his homicidal little sister, Mackenzie, better known as Mac. They’re professional hit men with unorthodox methods of doing their jobs. They always find interesting ways of taking care of the people they’ve been hired to kill. For example, if you’re an alcoholic, Mac will drown you in a tub filled with beer. The Avery’s do their jobs with no problem, until one particular hit finds them in a situation that may be over their heads. Allan and Mac find themselves questioning their line of work, and fighting for their lives. And Allan finds himself reflecting on a former romance with a certain well-known valkyrie named Lola….

It’s a comedy of sorts. If you like the Valentine series, you’ll love Allan & Mac. Learn a little about them here, before you meet them in Valentine 3!