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Paul H. Raymer

paul h raymerOver forty plus years, Paul H. Raymer played a part in the birth of ten companies, developed more than twenty-five product lines, and helped to raise three children. In college he received a BA degree in Creative Writing under the guidance of George P. Elliott, and then went off to teach in a one-room school on the coast of Labrador, Canada. After writing numerous articles for home energy magazines, he published his first book, Residential Ventilation Handbook McGraw-Hill 2009, a readable textbook. He has gone back to his fiction roots by writing, Recalculating Truth, Salty Air Publishing 2014, that explores the blending of truth, technology, and the challenges of being an entrepreneur. The mysteries of the passage of time, the connections between people and their past, and the exceptionally fast development of technology fascinate him. He loves the way Dickens plays with words and the structure of sentences, he is in awe of how Robert Coover explores the craft of writing, and he loves the adventures created by Robert Ludlum, Michael Crichton, and Ken Follett. He and his wife and Labrador retriever rattle around in an old inn on Cape Cod. Houses speak to him and tell him of their lives and loves. His wife, kids, and grandchildren tell him other tales.

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Recalculating Truth (Action/Commercial Fiction/Mystery/Thriller)

recalculating truthRecalculating Truth opens in April of 2000 with the crime of the sexual harassment of a male attorney, BOYD WILLIS, by his powerful, female attorney boss, DIAMON JAKES.

The story moves forward to May of 2011 when GUS SAINTE has returned from Guantanamo where he used his knowledge of Arabic to subject prisoners to water boarding to extract information as a member of the military police. He believes that whether it is revenge or sadistic satisfaction, the information that torture generates is questionable. The experience drives Gus to believe that there is a more humane and scientific method.

Returning to Boston, Gus studies psychology and pulls together a team of remarkable scientists who combine four technologies that have been used effectively by the CIA, the FBI, police departments and the Army to determine if subjects are lying. In his research of existing approaches to the technologies, he discovers an underworld of zealots who promote and defend their technologies despite a shaky scientific basis.

In December of 2013 as the company is developing, Gus is reunited with a beautiful, Kuwaiti woman, CYRENE AL-MASRI, who was an exchange student with his family while he was growing up and taught him Arabic.

One of the companies that Gus visits as he is developing the concept for Blaytent is run by his former commanding officer in Guantanamo, HERNANDO CRUM. Crum’s animosity for Gus drives him to believe that Gus has stolen the technology and sues him. Gus is represented in the suit by Boyd Willis.

In February of 2014 Gus is asked by the FBI to use his system to interrogate a terrorist who has been captured in the Boston area, plotting to shut down the electrical systems in the northeast. Cyrene interrupts the interrogation, after Gus’s technology has compelled the terrorist to reveal the date of the event, leaving Gus to wonder why.

Throughout the story the characters’ relationships develop including Gus’s love for Cyrene along with his confusion about her seemingly erratic behavior. Boyd Willis’s relationship with statement analysis expert, JULIA MEDICI, bonds him to her North End of Boston family. BOB THATCHER, the nervous, voice stress analysis expert, is distracted by uncovering family truths.

By the spring of 2015 Diamon Jakes has been nominated to fill a vacant seat on the Supreme Court and Boyd Willis has to decide to reveal the sexual harassment. The television station covering the hearings employs Blaytent’s technology to reveal to the audience whether or not she is lying.

Cyrene’s motivation to return finally erupts revealing truths that Gus simply did not want to know. Throughout the story Gus questions what is a lie and what is truth. He wonders how a machine can read human emotions and if there is a black and white distinction between them. Although he has developed a successful product and a successful company, he is not sure that lifting the private veil from human emotions is worth the price.

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