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Reana Malori

Reana MaloriAs a true believer in romantic love, Reana Malori’s stories will always have a “happily ever after” even when the bedroom scenes are hot and steamy. First and foremost, she has always held onto the premise that she is primarily a fan of romance and erotica. After receiving her very first romance novel at the age of fourteen, she was hooked and never looked back. Her journey as a writer began in 2008 after she noticed a lack of stories featuring women and storylines that mirrored her life. Eventually, after some prodding from her husband, she put pen to paper—or fingers to keyboard—and her first story, To Love a Marine, was born.

According to Ms. Malori, her stories will always feature men who love their women with everything they have, and the women feel the same. Her characters are strong and capable in their own right and will have to overcome challenges to find their happily-ever-after. A motto she lives by is, “Life is not about taking the easiest path, but finding that one path meant for you.”

As she continues to write, her ultimate goal is to provide the reader with a way to live vicariously through the characters in her stories, where readers can escape into her universe, if only for a few hours.

Ms. Malori currently reside in Northern Virginia with her husband. They also have two wonderful and handsome sons.

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To Love a Marine (Romance/Erotica/Interracial)

ToLoveAMarineCaptain Scott Henry knows Sergeant Imani Johnson doesn’t believe him when he says he wants more than a fling. Imani believes that Scott only a short-term relationship and doesn’t dare get her hopes up that he wants something real with her.

After pushing him away because she thinks she is protecting both her heart and his career, Imani doesn’t think she will ever get another chance. It will take a wedding, a goodbye, several tears, and a whole lot of convincing to make her understand what it means To Love a Marine.


Claiming Lana (Romance/Erotica/Interracial)

Claiming LanaWhat do you get when two strong-willed people are thrown together? When their need for each other becomes too hard to resist. When Jake Bradford meets Lana Miller, she’s all he can think about.

Lana on the other hand, doesn’t like Jake very much and she’s not afraid to show it. At least that’s what she tells herself. Due to an expected opportunity, they’re forced to spend time together. The end result is something neither of them could have expected or dreamed of.


Weekend Fling (Romance/Erotica/Interracial)

Weekend FlingAfter a weekend fling that meant more than it was supposed to, Kara Thomas finds out she’s pregnant with Austin Delaney’s child. Kara doesn’t want to trap Austin into being a father, and she knows he has a very dangerous job as a Navy Seal. However, she realizes she made the wrong choice in not telling Austin about her pregnancy when he shows up at her door unexpectedly.

Austin doesn’t know if he’s ready to be a father, but he knows that he wants Kara. When he finds out she’s having his baby, he’s determined to make her his wife, in every sense of the word.


Workout Partners (Romance/Erotica/Interracial)

Workout PartnersMichelle Simmons has been half in love with Luke Anderson, the owner of her gym, for months. Little does she know that Luke feels the exact same way about her.

One unforgettable night in a hot tub will show these two what having a workout partner really means.


Second Chances (Romance/Erotica/Interracial)

SecondChancesA story about two people who find love where they least expect it. Erica Parker lost her husband four years ago and never thought she’d find love again. Todd Atkins was a man who was happy being a bachelor and had never been in a long-term relationship.

An unexpected meeting, in the most unlikely of places, will bring two people together and help them have a second chance at love.


Naughty Nanny: Stay (Romance/Erotica/Interracial)

NaughtyNanny_StayLoving Rick Harper’s children has been the only thing Cherie Gilbert has thought about for the past three years. Oh yeah, and she thought their father was extremely sexy as well.

Will a misunderstanding – a misheard conversation – ruin their chance at love. Cherie’s willing to walk away from the love of her life. Rick’s job is to convince her to stay.


Salvation: The Italian’s Story (Romance/Erotica/Interracial)

SalvationArturo Sabatino was happy with his life as a bachelor and had no plans to settle down. However, from the day Sydney Clark walked through the front door of his restaurant, he knew his life would never be the same again.
Arturo was a man who usually got what he wanted and from the moment he laid eyes on Sydney, he wanted her. Sydney may not be ready to accept what he had to offer, but Arturo had no doubt they belonged together. She was his and he was determined to prove it to her.


Need You Tonight (Romance/Erotica/Interracial)

Need You TonightLove at first sight did not really exist in today’s world. At least not for Branda Conti. After one glance at the sexy as sin Nikolai Vasily, her intense and immediate reaction to him makes her question everything she thought she believed in. For one night, Branda will take a chance and follow her heart. In the end, she just might find the one person who makes her whole.


Night in Heaven (Romance/Erotica/Interracial)

Night In HeavenA girl’s only weekend at Mardi Gras turns into an experience that Crystal Brown will never forget. A handsome stranger with a sexy voice, gives her the one thing she had always dreamed of…one night in heaven.


Stay With Me (Romance/Erotica/Interracial)

Stay_With_MeKeisha Gaines has been in love with Greg Jordan for almost six years. Unfortunately for her, he has always seen her as only a friend. Once Keisha decides to move on with her life, without Greg, he finally realizes what has been in front of him all these years.

Greg will have to make sure he does everything in his power to keep Keisha by his side and prove his love for her.


Change of Heart (Romance/Erotica/Interracial)

Change of HeartWho’s afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? Not Sherry Jones, that’s for sure. For a woman who loves Halloween more than any other holiday, her closest friend becomes her ultimate fantasy, in more ways than one.


Whip Appeal (Romance/Erotica/Interracial)

Whip AppealForbidden desires and hidden dreams. For years, Kristina McNeal knew that she was missing something in her life and she hoped to fill that gap at Adam’s Apple, an upscale BDSM club that catered to a select clientele.

She had no idea that her decision to join this exclusive club would result in her finding the perfect Dom…who also happens to be her perfect man.


Taylor’s Gift (Romance/Erotica/Interracial)

Taylor's GiftAfter six blissful months of being with the man of her dreams, Nikki Bailey thought her boyfriend, Taylor MacLeod, had forgotten her birthday. What she didn’t know was that he had special plans for the evening.
Taylor’s gift will be something she never would have expected, but everything she dreamed of.


Dinner for Three (Romance/Erotica/Interracial)

Dinner for ThreeCelina Jefferson never expected to find love and fulfillment with more than one man, especially not at the same time. Adrian Marshall and Jake Huffington were two men who knew what they wanted out of life, and right now, they wanted Celina.

A game of seduction is underway as Jake and Adrian try to convince Celina that the three of them are made for each other.


Heaven on Earth 1: Escape to Heaven (Romance/Erotica/Interracial)

EscapeToHeavenAdele Woolner has survived more than a year of abuse, both verbal and physical, at the hands of her now ex-husband. Calling on strength she never knew she possessed, Adele builds a new life for herself and becomes a stronger woman in the process. Adele is now ready to move forward—but she never expects love to waltz into her life when she least expects it.

Stefano Indellicati feels an instant attraction to Adele and is determined to get to know her better. Something about her calls on his protective instincts, and he realizes he would do anything to call her his own. Willing to stand and fight for what he believes, Stefano will prove to Adele that he is the only man for her present and her future.


Praline Dreams (Romance/Erotica/Interracial)

Praline DreamsReese Michaels and Dana St. John had been friends since grade school but allowed teenage angst and raging hormones to pull them apart. After years of denying his feelings, Reese has decided that he is no longer willing to wait. He knows that it’s time to make Dana to realize that she is the only woman for him.

His plan of seduction reconnects two people who have filled each other’s dreams. Will one night be enough or will Reese and Dana discover that your first love is the one you never truly forget?


Hidden Depths (Romance/Erotica/Interracial)

Hidden DepthsRoxanne Barnes is beautiful, but a certified klutz. Adam Marshall is a recovering jock and who now proudly proclaims his geek status from the highest mountain. At a conference full of people who have alphabet soup letters behind their names, two former high school classmates realize you cannot always judge a book by its cover.

The beautiful, but shy wallflower who transformed into a butterfly and the confident jock that morphed into a certified geek find passion and desire in each other’s arms. Will they find that once just isn’t enough as they explore what’s hidden beneath the surface?


Accepting the Dragon (Romance/Erotica/Interracial)

Accepting the DragonA life of secrets is all Takashi Nakashima has ever known. As both a favored son of the Yakuza and a dragon-shifter, he has followed a strict code of conduct and always adhered to the rules. Then he meets Sheila Graves, a woman not from his world, who finds her way into his heart and makes him desire for more.

Takashi is willing to walk away from everything he has known in order to have the love of his life by his side. The only question is will Sheila accept the man in front of her, dragon and all.


Falling Into Love (Romance/Erotica/Interracial)

Falling Into LoveCamden Turner has his life right on track. He lives in a great town with a small business that keeps him in the black, doing what he loves. He’s convinced he has everything he wants until he realizes he doesn’t have what he really needs, Lexie Martin.

Lexie Martin has left the hustle and bustle of Bay Area California for the quiet simplicity of Falling Falls, Colorado. Her small business is often times more play than work and she couldn’t be happier until she realizes, happiness is subjective until you have someone to spend it with.

Will Lexie and Camden realize that falling into love isn’t as painful as it sounds or will they keep on their separate paths?


What Matters Most (Romance/Erotica/Interracial)

What Matters MostMajor Evan Knight was a battle-hardened man who had always put the Marine Corps before his own needs. Sierra Walker, a single mother raising a nine-year old son, wanted more from life than what was in front of her.
A school project for her son would bring Major Knight into their lives and give them all something they never knew they needed…each other.


Heaven on Earth 2: Redemption (Romance/Erotica/Interracial)

Redemption Heaven on EarthEthan Dickerson had experienced tragedy in his life. That one event changed him forever and the course of his life was set. He was a protector. His mission was to protect those who could not protect themselves. Becoming a Navy SEAL was the obvious choice for him and he was damn good at his job.

Vanessa Baldwin was a widow with a young son. Her husband taken from her while serving his country in a desert so far away. Her heart was set against ever falling in love with another man who risked his life on a regular basis. Someone who could be taken away from her in the blink of an eye.

Two scarred people trying to find their way in this world, find each other. As soon as he lays eyes on Vanessa, Ethan knows there is something special about the single mother. He is a man on a mission and his goal is Vanessa’s heart. A lifetime of loving her is the only option he’s willing to accept.

It’s time for Ethan to find his Redemption.


Holiday Desire (Romance/Erotica/Interracial)

HolidayDesireDesiree Stewart was no doormat and she was finally fed up. Christmas was a time for love and family, but for Desiree, this holiday had been her wake-up call. After her no-good boyfriend showed his true colors right before Christmas and she caught him with another woman, Desiree was ready to move on. The only person who could understand her was Jackson. Her friend, her confidante, and the one man who had always been there for her.
Jackson Banner was ready to walk away and never look back. For more than three years, the only woman he had wanted was Desiree, but she had been too blind to see what he had to offer. Well, patience be dammed. It was time for him to get his very own Christmas gift and Desiree was it. This time, he was calling the shots and Jackson was willing to put it all on the line.