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Renée Allen McCoy

ReneeRenée Allen McCoy is a loving wife and mother, an author, but most importantly a devoted Christian. Having traveled to many parts of the world, today she, her husband, and their two children make Mississippi home.

Between caring for her family, Renée carves out time in her busy and sometimes unpredictable schedule to maintain a newsletter, Straight Up, a devotional blog, In His Name, and continue her passion of writing books.

To date, she has seven titles to her credit: The Fiery Furnace series (The Kiss of Judas, Confessions, and The Eleventh Hour), Soul Ties: Breaking Up with a Past That’s Killing Your Future (non-fiction), The Christmas Beau (The True Love Novellas, Book 1), In the Presence of My Enemies, and Single, Saved, & Searching (The True Love Novella, Book 2). Renée has also written for the world renowned pocket devotional, The Upper Room, both in digital and print. She writes with zeal, knowing that faith works together in Christ.

With a heart to tell stories that will not only entertain, Renée hopes to enlighten readers to capture the message and power of God’s saving grace. For more information about this charismatic author, please visit her at any of the websites listed on this page.

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The Kiss of Judas: The Fiery Furnace Series, Book 1 (Christian fiction, Inspirational, Suspense)

the kiss of judasThe storm of betrayal is brewing…

Justine Dasant walks the earth in search of something that always seems to be just out of reach. After she’s promised herself that she would leave her past in the past, history starts to repeat when her current boyfriend, Isaiah Johnson, shows interest in someone other than her. Justine makes it known that she’ll stop at nothing to get what she wants … no matter who gets hurt along the way.

Isaiah Johnson, a young, successful CEO, has climbed himself to a life of wealth. He’s worked hard to open his own business and just when success peaks, Isaiah’s new found strength to step out on faith drives a wedge between him and the woman in his life. Not only does he regret meeting Justine, it’s a challenge for him to escape her calculated stalking.

At what cost will Isaiah say no to the world and yes to God?

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Confessions: The Fiery Furnace Series, Book 2 (Christian fiction, Inspirational, Commercial fiction)

ConfessionsCovering up a sin won’t make it go away…

The driven Jermaine Grant appears to have it all together on the surface. He’s young, handsome, and headstrong with the perfect job and faithful love planted at his side—so it seems. What happens when all of this is threatened by a looming incident from the past? In the midst of chaos, Jermaine unexpectedly finds himself battling a demon that seems to be the fiercest of them all.

Jermaine’s number one counterpart, Nia Thomas, strives to be just as successful at her career as her determined boyfriend of two years. She skillfully juggles a double life while struggling to keep her carefully designed mask from shattering to pieces. Nia’s private world is threatened despite her attempts to conceal a secret that could change her family’s future forever. A heartbreaking disclosure spiral lives into a startling off course collision. What happens when confessions are revealed without consent?

Whoever thought telling a lie would hurt so much?

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The Eleventh Hour: The Fiery Furnace Series, Book 3 (Christian fiction, Inspirational, Commercial fiction)

11th hourBacked against a wall with time running out…

Challenged by the recent discovery of past events, Jermaine holds fast knowing that God wouldn’t bring him this far … just to leave him. He’s new in the faith, but determined to live a life pleasing to the Lord. Just when a ray of light breaks through the turmoil, Jermaine receives yet another debilitating blow that attempts to change his life forever. Will he be able to endure the trial that stretches his faith to the limit?

Moving into a new phase of life, Nia Thomas reveals a piece of her past for the
sake of sanity … but is there something else she’s holding back? Racing against the hands of time, Nia comes to term with the fact that the whole truth must be told. Determined to break free from bondage, she must first learn how to forgive. Will Nia surrender all that she has for a future of peace or hold onto what’s old and familiar?

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Soul Ties: Breaking Up with a Past That’s Killing Your Future (Non-fiction, Self-Help, Spirituality)

soul tiesFor the weapons of our warfare are not carnal,
but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds. —2 Corinthians 10:4

Are you struggling with past abuse?
Do you feel trapped in a cycle of failed relationships?
Are you experiencing nightmares and don’t seem to understand why?
Ever wondered if Christians should join a sorority, fraternity, or become a Mason?

Through the exploration of Scripture and exposure of sin, this book inclusive of personal testimonies is designed to help you:

Discover ways to avoid Satan’s plot to steal, kill, and destroy.
Identify root causes of depression and suicidal thoughts.
Recognize emergency exits God affords to His children.
Learn how to follow God’s command to keep away from idols.
Embrace a future that is filled with hope powered by faith and love.

Many live a life tangled with past hurts that are choking them to death. Jesus came so that we may have life and have it more abundantly. God loves us. Allow His amazing forgiveness and deliverance to be yours today.

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In the Presence of My Enemies (Christian fiction, Inspirational, Coming of Age)

presence enemiesKara Bentley, the child prodigy from a small southern town, has grown into a talented and beautiful young woman living in New York City. With hopes of attending Juilliard to become a world class pianist, Kara is on the fast track to winning the hearts of many, especially the one of up and coming film director Wendell McGuire. But will the advances of another woman steal the hopes of them ever being together?

Melissa Peterson serves as a strong support system and best friend to Kara. She’s there to offer moments of encouragement as Kara faces the evils from an oppressive home life with her guardian sister, but will their friendship last when Kara uncovers a heavily guarded affair?

Determined to defeat all odds stacked against her, Kara struggles to make it to the top. Will her determination prove to be enough as unrelenting trials attempt to suffocate any hope she has of leaving the projects, love for the man of her dreams, and most importantly the faith she has in God?

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The Christmas Beau: The True Love Novellas, Book 1 (Christian Romance, Inspirational, Commercial fiction)

The Christmas BeauLove suffers long and is kind… 1 Corinthians 13:4

“Why did I even come here for my vacation?” Charity Maxwell questions, initially regretting her trip home to Lewiston Springs for her Christmas vacation … that is until she finds out that an old flame is visiting too. With familiar emotions invading her heart, Charity desperately tries to keep her composure around a man with whom she shares a painful past.

Determined to make right his wrong, Milton Grayson passionately pursues Charity regretful that he lost her once and determined to not let it happen again. As a reminiscent whirlwind romance ensues between them, the pressure builds on a meddling family member who secretly plotted to separate the pair in the past.

Is their love true enough to withstand the evils that broke them apart the first time? Or will Charity’s anticipation of having a Christmas boyfriend suddenly be dashed to pieces?

The Christmas Beau is the first book in The True Love Novellas series that shares the love of God in and out of season

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Single, Saved, & Searching: The True Love Novellas, Book 2 (Christian Romance, Inspirational, Commercial fiction)

singlesavedsearchingHe who finds a wife finds a good thing, and obtains favor from the Lord. ~ Proverbs 18:22

“She’s getting married too?” asks the beautiful, intelligent, and single Elisha Maxwell who just received a wedding invitation from her last single best friend and her younger sister in the same week. As she stacks both invites on her kitchen countertop, she wonders when it will be her turn.

Challenged by a string of disappointing relationships, Elisha’s hope of finding Mr. Right leaves her feeling desperate and confused. Does such a man exist for her? In the wake of the most terrifying experience of her life, she is more determined now than ever to find him.

When she embarks upon a quest to change her single status to married, she finds something much more important along the way. Will she embrace the man of her dreams who seems the least likely of them all or go with someone who appeared to be her perfect match?

Single, Saved, & Searching is the second book in The True Love Novellas series.

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