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Review – A.J. Walters’ A Constant Attraction

A Constant Attraction

A Constant AttractionThe second book in the Attraction series serves us a strong sequel to ‘An Acute Attraction’. After finishing up the first book, the reader is compulsively curious as to what would happen next between Marc and Isabel and would start ‘A Constant Attraction’ straight away.

To give a brief overview; the story begins immediately after the events of ‘An Acute Attraction’. Isabel Chambers, single mum of two and primary school teacher, is having a break by spending a week at the Haveril Lodge hotel. It is here that she meets American senior research executive, Marc Sanders. The two begin a passionate romance and near the end of the first book, the pair’s feelings are tested when a problem arises in the form of the mysterious Italian; Emelie.

In the second book, ‘A Constant Attraction’, A J Walters builds upon the titanium foundations of the character of Isabel while adding two new narrative perspectives from Marc and Emelie. All of the three main characters have unique voices which shine through, immersing the reader in the story and increasing a sense realism and empathy towards the characters. As the story progresses, Isabel and Marc find themselves opening up and revealing dark secrets about their pasts in a desperate attempt to keep their present struggles from destroying their new found love for one another.

As well as getting to know both Marc and Isabel in increasing detail, the reader finds out a lot about Emelie. Her past traumas are also revealed as well as her current motives and a more in depth look at her relationships with both Marc and her husband Stefano. This works terrifically well to reveal a new perspective on the story and show what is driving Marcs ‘friend’ to blackmail him into such a difficult and compromising situation.

If I was to level one criticism at the book, it would unfortunately be to point out that the book needs proofreading. There are grammar and spelling issues throughout the book that sometimes take away from an otherwise immersive tale.

Despite these few, simple errors, the book grips you with an iron vice. The writer has talent, and creates a heartbreaking, and erotic atmosphere without feeling the need to be overly cathartic. If you’re a fan of romance stories or even if you’re new to them, get this book. What you are still sitting there? Go buy this book. Your bookshelf demands it.

4 STARS!!!


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  1. A J Walters (@AJWaltersAuthor)A J Walters (@AJWaltersAuthor)07-20-2014

    Thank you so much for this review. As I type I do have some one looking over the book again for me. Unfortunately, me having to do my own editing didn’t work, so will release it again once the errors have been ironed out.

    Other than that, I am so pleased you enjoyed it. Thank you. 😉

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