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Review: R.M. Grace’s Fall of Hope

Fall Of Hope

fall of hopeFall of Hope is a thrilling story that draws its readers into a world of confusion, raising questions about whether what we see is definitely reality. Author R.M. Grace pulls on the readers heartstrings right from the get go to create undeniable sympathy for main character Bobby. Bobby is just finishing school and, like many boys of that age, is unsure about his future. Since his brother died, his home life has been a car crash. His father drinks to numb his pain and his mother spends periods of her life being completely blank. His best friend Danny is his only real comfort other than sharing his love of poetry with old Mrs Colby when he visits her at the old peoples home. Bobby is shy and reclusive and does most of his socialising through the internet where he is popular for his amateur poetry.

Then there’s Gage. Gage is a boy a few years older than Bobby who keeps magically appearing in his room. Gage tells Bobby that he’s from another world but because no one else can see him, Bobby has to question whether or not he is, in fact, real. To top it all off, Bobby is having some very realistic dreams about a wood with a path lined by bluebells that he used to visit with his mother when he was younger. The story draws you in and readers will find themselves questioning whether the events happening to Bobby are indeed happening. Grace conjures up a wonderfully imaginative story filled with different twists and intriguing questions.

Unfortunately, there are a few spelling errors as well as a number of clumsy sentences that would benefit no end from a rewrite. If Grace chose to have the story proof read once more and edit any issues that are discovered, this would no doubt be a thoroughly enjoyable story that was well worth a read.

Looking forward to finding out what happens next!

**** 3 1/2 Stars!!!


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