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Rochelle Carter

rochelle carterRochelle Carter is the Publisher at Ellechor Media LLC, an award-winning publishing company with three imprints and an online bookstore. As publisher and Authorpreneur Business Consultant, she provides publishing consulting services for various authors, and managing the acquisition and production process for all of her imprints. Through her company, she publishes books with a purpose.

Carter has received national recognition for her leadership and professional achievements, including winning the 2014 Stiletto Woman In Business Award (SWIBA) for Entrepreneur of the Year (Creative Arts and Media), being a finalist in both the Entrepreneur of the Year (Creative Arts & Media) and Business on the Rise categories of the SWIBA competition, and again as a Woman of Outstanding Leadership by The International Women’s Leadership Association.

Carter is also the best-selling author of The 7-Step Guide To Authorpreneurship,  Becoming an Author: Your Quick Start Guide to a Successful Book Launch, and Write Success: Inspirational Quotes For The Authorpreneur, three books she created to help authors based on her experiences with publishing and her own authors. Her passion lies in educating authors and helping them to avoid as many publishing regrets as possible.

Carter’s next venture will be focused on creating Independent, Innovative and Iconic 21st Century authors through The Authorpreneurship Project and her Brand Your Expertise with a Book™ program for business professionals.

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The 7 Step Guide to Authorpreneurship (Non-fiction/Publishing Resource)

7 step guideThese 7 Steps are THE guide to approaching your writing career like a business.

Whether you are writing fiction or non-fiction, multi-published or aspiring to publication, independently published or contracted with a publishing house, you need The 7-Step Guide to Authorpreneurship. This how-to handbook will guide you through each phase of your writing career to create a business that generates regular income while allowing you to do what you love. Loaded with well-organized information, plus practical tips and strategies, this guide will become a trusted resource you consult again and again as your build your career.
In a market flooded with advice for writers, there are very few books merging the concept of being an author and an entrepreneur. This guide is the first to truly take authors from concept to execution. The end result is a blending of the entrepreneurial spirit with writing talent to create a successful business achieving the personal and professional goals writers aim for.

Authors, create your own success!

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Polish Your Manuscript: The Authorpreneur’s Guide to Publishing, Book 1 (Non-fiction/Publishing Resource)

polishThe first and most important step to becoming an authorpreneur after getting your book written is polishing it so it’s ready to publish. If you want to make more than a few pennies off your work, you must focus your energies on creating content that audiences will want to read and that publishers want to publish.

With tips on self-editing and how to hire the right editor, “Polish Your Manuscript” is your quick guide to taking your first draft from lead to gold.


Create Your Book Business Plan: The Authorpreneur’s Guide to Publishing, Book 2 (Non-fiction/Publishing Resource)

business planAs an author, your dream is to not only see your book in print, but for it to touch as many lives as possible and make a profit. No matter the subject or genre, your book is your contribution to society. There’s no such thing as “only being a writer” any more, and while many might not want to handle the business side of things, to give yourself and your book(s) the best chance of success, you must. By publishing your book you are starting a small business as an author, and new businesses have an increased likelihood of success with a business plan.

Rather than waiting to create a plan you must define your audience, hone your idea and plan for success early. It will make writing your book easier for nonfiction authors, and for fiction authors this will go a long way towards ensuring you have a viable marketing plan from Day 1 of your book launch.

“Create Your Book Business Plan™” will walk you through the 10 key elements of a successful business plan for authors to help you plan your way to a bestselling, award-winning book.


Create Your Author Platform: The Authorpreneur’s Guide to Publishing, Book 3 (Non-fiction/Publishing Resource)

author platformWhen it comes to creating an author platform the options- and opinions are endless. Because creating your author platform is not one size fits all, many successful authors that try to “teach” how they did it end up leaving authors more confused than they were before.

This eBook takes the guesswork out, providing strategic options for every author!


Engage Your Audience: The Authorpreneur’s Guide to Publishing, Book 4 (Non-fiction/Publishing Resource)

engageWe’ve talked a lot about building your platform and creating an effective marketing plan, as well as the tools you can use to stay in touch with your readers and audience, in the three previous books in this series.

“But these are just the tools,” you may be saying. “What do I actually say to them?!”

That’s what “Engage Your Audience” is all about: learning how to engage your audience with real, authentic conversation and develop a thriving, fun community on your author platform.

All the aspects discussed in this chapter are things you will need to do continually, not just a one-time action like setting up a website or signing up for a Twitter account. Your readers are real people and are constantly watching your platform for glimpses of you or your next big project. You must interact with them regularly!

“What writer doesn’t want to be able to write full-time? Quitting the day job is something we all dream about at one point or another. We want to support ourselves and our families doing the thing we love. But to do that, we have to do more than pursue excellence in our writing. We have to take on the entrepreneurial mindset and relish it.” -K.M. Weiland, International Bestselling Author/ Writing Coach, Founder of HelpingWritersBecomeAuthors.com


Get Ready to Launch: The Authorpreneur’s Guide to Publishing, Book 5 (Non-fiction/Publishing Resource)

launchWell, you’re here at long last. You’ve written your book and had it professionally edited (maybe even accepted by an agent or publisher!), developed your business and marketing plan, created the beginnings of your author platform, and have started engaging with professional leads and your target audience in a friendly way. People are starting to expect your book now and are eager to read it.

So, it’s time to get the book into their hands!

Whether you chose at the beginning of this journey to self-publish or have pursued a traditional publishing route, these launching tips will help you stay focused and keep your hands on your writing career instead of giving it over to others—the way an authorpreneur handles their career!


Keep the Momentum: The Authorpreneur’s Guide to Publishing, Book 6 (Non-fiction/Publishing Resource)

momentumWhen your book first launches, you are excited and motivated to share with everyone you meet. You have spent lots of energy on preparation and marketing, so what do you do now?

It’s critical to your career that you keep the momentum! It is possible to “win” the slow-and-steady way, too, especially if you’re committed to making a career of writing and publishing as an authorpreneur.

So, how do you keep your sales rolling in, month after month, year after year? This book provides ways to keep your book fresh, and references new ways to utilize the tools mentioned in “Create Your Author Platform” and “Engage Your Audience”.


Pay It Forward: The Authorpreneur’s Guide to Publishing, Book 7 (Non-fiction/Publishing Resource)

forwardPublishing is a team sport. Not only do you need quality service providers like graphic designers and editors, you also need a powerful connection with authors in your genre! Authors are not just readers too, they can be your best partner when it comes to promoting and selling more books.

This is the part where authors sometimes forget their beginnings and go for solo-glory. As you have moved through the publishing process and promoted your own work, you have undoubtedly come across various authors in your field. While you may be tempted to use them to convince others to buy your books, remember the major rule for working with your author super-group: Provide value.

Now that you have launched, you should start thinking about tangible ways to provide value for your brothers and sisters in publishing. “Pay It Forward” provides real ways to connect and collaborate with other authors in a clear concise ways that adds value to everyone’s publications and allows each of you to succeed -together!