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Samantha Stemler

SamStemlerSam Stemler is an independent author, blogger and copywriter living in Lansing, Michigan. She self-published her first fiction novel, a teen romance titled That Freak Kid in 2011 while obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Business from Michigan State University, which later helped to inspire The King of the Sun, published in December, 2013. Sam is currently editing and publishing her five-book fantasy wartime series, Soldier Sons; Book 1: The Ghost of Red Fields (Oct, 2015); Book 2: Ambush at Ice Gash (Jan 2016); Book 3: Battle at Bridgetown (April, 2016); Book 4: Son of the Cull (July, 2016); Book 5: Assault on Reignhold (Oct 2016).
She is currently drafting her next saga, a magic detective series titled Monster Force.

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The Ghost of Red Fields: The Soldier Sons, Book 1 (Science Fiction, Steampunk)

the ghost of red fieldsIn a blasted land desecrated by the twisted science of a ruthless empire, a hopeful Rebellion has taken root at last under the banner of the Companions. As victory draws near, the true horror of the Athorite empire emerges as monstrous new warriors appear. Known only as the Soldier Sons, they are the vanguard rumored to be the enemy’s invincible weapons. These creatures threaten to undo all that the Companions have achieved. As three of the Companion’s best soldiers struggle to confront these nightmarish demons, they realize their only hope may be a mysterious and vengeful Athorite traitor—their new commander.

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Ambush At Ice Gash: The Soldier Sons, Book 2 (Science Fiction, Steampunk)

ambush at ice gashThe first monster is dead.
The Raiders were all wounded in the battle, but the first of the Athorite’s vicious, beast-like Soldier Sons has been defeated. Now Salia, Lenst and Kavock, the three Companion Raiders chosen by the Queen for a special mission, and Zensor Igel, the disgraced General and Athorite turn-coat, have four more monsters yet to find.
The team’s orders take them next to Ice Gash, a dagger peak haunted by deadly storms, to find the second Soldier Son, and Red Maze, an ancient labyrinth, to find the third. Confronted by unending blizzards, hidden traps, and the seemingly unstoppable Soldier Sons, the worst threat may be the secrecy lurking in their group. Questions plague the young Lieutenants and Zensor refuses to answer, though they are certain he knows more than he says.
The first monster is dead. But the war has just begun.


Battle at Bridgetown: The Soldier Sons, Book 3 (Science Fiction, Steampunk)

bridgetownThe Soldier Sons are not what they seem.

Companion Lieutenants Salia, Lenst and Kavock followed General Zensor on a mission to destroy the Soldier Sons. The dangerous Athorite weapons threatening the Companion cause had to be stopped. But at what cost?

With four of the monsters dead, uncertainties and lies claw through the once unquestioned mission. The Soldier Sons are not beasts or weapons, but men with hearts and minds not quite destroyed by the Athorite’s wickedness. General Zensor, a former Soldier Son himself now hiding his origins, knows this haunting truth too well. With their group fractured by secrets, Zensor and the Lieutenants approach their next mission marker, Bridgetown, separately. But none of them can face the Soldier Son of Bridgetown alone. A giant encased in metal, the monster has already slain many of Bridgetown’s soldiers, halting further advances and forcing city leaders to forge their own cruel and perilous plot.

Book 3 brings the battles against the Soldier Sons into the war against the Athorites, the war against torture and tyranny. With the Companions closing in and the final assault looming, the Lieutenants and Zensor must discover what the Athorites are hiding before their dangerous secrets are unleashed.


Sons of The Cull: The Soldier Sons, Book 4 (Science Fiction, Steampunk)

son-of-the-cullThe Soldier Sons have hidden in the dark places of the world. As Companion Lieutenants Salia, Lenst and Kavock have uncovered these monstrous men, they’ve also uncovered the worst crimes of the evil Athorite Empire and the secrets of their own commander, Zensor Igel. With one more beast yet to find, the darkest secrets still lurk ahead in a forsaken marshland: The Cull.

None, the Companions nor the Athorites, dare to tread the place. Vicious beasts hunt the swamp, a tangled sprawl of poisoned vines, engorged plants and twisted trees. A shadow follows a step behind the Companions, watching and waiting, though they can’t be sure if it’s a marshland monster, the last of the Soldier Sons, or something worse.

On the edge of the Athorite’s capital, Reignhold, the mission now demands answers or else promises destruction. What are the Soldier Sons? Why were they made? And most fearful of all, are there more? Salia, Lenst and Kavock seek answers for their country. Zensor seeks his past.


Assault on Reignhold: The Soldier Sons, Book 5 (Science Fiction, Steampunk)

reignholdReignhold must fall.

Poised on the edge of overthrowing the Athorite Empire, only one obstacle remains in the Companions’ path: Reignhold. The Athorite’s capital city, the home of the God-King himself, Reignhold is all that remains of their wretched rule. Except for the Soldier Sons.

Traversing the countryside to confront the Soldier Sons, Lieutenants Salia, Lenst, Kavock and former General Zensor uncovered their enemy’s evil and their ally’s deceit. As the warriors enter the Sork fortress on the edge of their territory, suspicion and uncertainties grip their minds. The Companion leaders lied about their treatment of the Soldier Sons. What other lies have they told? And can they be trusted with the truth the Lieutenants and former General uncovered?

Zensor knows the Companion army could never stand against an army of Soldier Sons. For the Companions to win, Zensor must decide where his loyalties lie, and rely on his allies—his friends—to help him. Before the end, Salia, Lenst and Kavock will have to protect their leader from the Companions, from the Athorites and, worst of all, from himself.


That Freak Kid (Young Adult/Romance)

That Freak KidAn honest and real re-telling of the adolescent struggle: blindly trying to understand the world, the people in it, our own place in it and ourselves whilst still trying to make as few insane, idiotic decisions as possible. This coming-of-age tale spliced with a tumultuous romance is told for young adults by a young adult. Though young readers particularly will love this book because it illustrates the problems, emotions and decisions taken directly out of their own world, others outside this demographic will enjoy this book because, though we may age, we perpetually long for the same things we search for as teens: love and acceptance.

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The King of the Sun (Thriller/Drama/LGBT)

The King of the SunI never expected to meet a billionaire or a genius whilst skimming the ‘Help Wanted’ ads. Cinder Slade was just that; popular magazines dubbed him the “Solar King,” when he reinvented solar energy for a billion-dollar price tag. I certainly never expected him to actually hire me—an overweight, minimum wage maid with an abrasive honest streak—either, but… there were a lot of things I didn’t expect about Cinder Slade.

Mr. Slade had everything; a beautiful mansion, paid trips to Europe, a company at his feet and the most amazing sports car I’d ever seen. No one could understand why he was falling apart; not eating, not sleeping, refusing to see clients and coworkers. No one could understand his unidentifiable paranoia and capricious rage, a strange dark side clawing at a cage of lies. Beneath the perfection, no one could see that Mr. Slade was a prisoner of his own mind.

I’d never really done anything meaningful with my life and I knew it. I’d ruined anything important I could have been a part of. And maybe I couldn’t help him, either. But I had to try.

All author’s proceeds of this book are donated to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), the largest grassroots mental health organization in the U.S. NAMI provides valuable services, treatment, support and research to families and individuals struggling with mental illness.
Though this book is a work of fiction, many of the struggles it illustrates–depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, abuse and others–are a reality for millions. Your readership supports this worthy cause.

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