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Sarah Beth James

sarah beth jamesSarah has been writing since she was a teenager – fan fictions, short stories, original work. In 2015 she started working with a great entertainment blog called thecinemarks.com when Bill (the Editor there) saw potential in her work. He guided her a great deal over the next few months, shocking Sarah when he made her Co Editor this winter.

Save Me is Sarah’s first published novel. Based loosely on her own personal life growing up, and that of gay/bisexual friends she has known. There will be a sequel in 2017 called Too Many Tears, where we will see the continuation of Jack and Nic’s story.

Sarah also has several other stories in the pipelines over the next 2 years.

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The Scarlet Drop: The Vampire Legacies Book One (Young Adult, Horror, Fantasy)

the-scarlet-dropAuthor of the Amor Vincit Omnia LGBTQ book series. Her second book (Can’t Let You Go) hit 199th on the kindle best sellers list in the first month.

Victoria is a college girl trying to deal with normal young adult problems.

Apart from the fact her ex is a jerk and keeps threatening her.

Apart from the fact she has magical powers she is trying to hide from everyone so she doesn’t get sent back to the mental hospital.
Oh and the fact in her dreams she sees her soulmate, who just happens to be a vampire. Which is fine until the man literally of her dreams walks into her life. A man who really is a vampire. Leading Victoria into a voyage of self discovery of her current and past lives trying to discover who she really is, As well as what is chasing her accross the centuries.

Warnings for rape, abuse, violence, limited sexual contact. 16 plus readers


Save Me: Amor Vincit Omnia, Book 1 (LGBT, Romance)

Save MeJack is a young gay man with a miserable past. Mother died when he was little, father doesn’t really care of him. He went through high school alone apart from his theatre friends, wanting to kill himself. Until he met his childhood sweetheart Stephen and then everything started to go right in his life.

Until they both went to college in New York, planned their wedding and slowly drifted apart. Until Jack found out he was being cheated on, a chokehold relationship full of abuse later they part. Jack is so heart broken he turns to drink and drugs to survive. In the end finding himself in a gay hate church being taught that being gay is the only reason he hurts so much.

Will Jack ever find peace?

Someone who loves him for who he is?

Or will he end up faking straight to survive?

10% of profits from the sale of this book go directly to the organisation Have A Gay Day.


Can’t Let You Go: Amor Vincit Omnia, Book 2 (LGBT, Romance)

Can't Let You GoAlex discovers he has just six months to live, his rock and roll life style has left him with terminal cancer. Before he dies he wants to make sure all those he loves are taken care of. Including the girl he loved since high school, and who loves him in return.

The only problem is Lucy think he is gay. Because for all their years of friendship, thats exactly what he told her.

Can Alex face up to being a bisexual before its too late?

Is there any hope for his future?

How will Lucy go through her life without her best friend?

10% of profits go to macmillan cancer support.