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Sharon Bengalrose

sharonSharon Bengalrose is a medium and holistic healer based in Bristol (UK). Through her work with spirit, she loves to help people de-stress, find happiness and raise their positive energy levels. Her first book, Utopia, was published in December 2015; she wrote it in partnership with Harold, her main Guide from her spirit team. The book followed on from a previous joint adventure, ‘Inspiration Guidance card pack and book’ As her spirit journey unfolds she is being steered towards being an ambassador for spirit, her new combined role with spirit is to bring spiritualism, with the ethos of its thinking and holistic healing into the lives of children, they are mankind’s future.

Her new must-read book ‘Utopia’ has been written to enlighten mankind about the spirit world, the off-world influences that have affected Earth’s history, mankind’s beliefs and religions. Sharon and her team want you to read this book and draw your own conclusions, but their hope is that from this book, you will take a positive step forward on your life’s path. Every positive step from one human is a positive step forward for mankind, which will help you all work as one, care and protect each other, creating a world of unity. You all deserve happiness, comfort and enlightenment, which Sharon and her spirit team know you will find in this book.

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Utopia (Spirituality / Non-Fiction)

utopiaWOW! The spirit world has done themselves proud with this positive uplifting book ‘Utopia’. They tell us about their spirit realm, reveal new Archangels and answers questions mankind longs to ask them. They also tell us about our Earth’s history and off-world alien races that have influenced mankind. On top of all this are true-life stories of light workers and how they found the love and light we all seek and their spiritual journeys. Just when you think there is no more they can offer, they tell us how they are helping us and what we can do to help our world working with spirit. At the end of all that is inspirational quotes to keep us uplifted and guide us on our life’s journeys. This is a life changing profound book, the fact you are reading this now means you have been guided to it by spirit, enjoy, my friends.

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