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Sharon Bengalrose

Sharon Bengalrose is a medium and holistic healer based in Newport, South Wales (UK). Through her work with spirit, she loves to help people find happiness and heal; raising their positive energy levels with messages from loved ones in spirit. Also to teach others about the spiritual path and mediumship. Her fifth book, ‘Step into the Mind of a Medium, follows on from her previous books, ‘Utopia’, ‘The Magic of Spirit’, The Magic of Words’, Ayderline the Spirit Within’ and ‘Inspiration Guidance Cards’.

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The Medium’s Handbook: Step into the Mind of a Medium (Spirituality, Non-Fiction)

We have come together to provide a book that will guide you on your spiritual journey – The journey to become a medium. This book will give you the tools to take your journey towards mediumship and healing; imagine this book is your handbook of guidance. We have stepped into the mind of a medium and this book is based on experiences of a human who has already taken the journey, what they discovered, and what they learnt. Many of you taking this journey will be guided to become spiritual teachers and advocates for the spirit realm in the future. So we have included some teaching exercises to inspire the teachers amongst you, but also to inspire you, the student. Now take the next step and enjoy the journey!

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Ayderline the spirit within: A journey through past lives (Spirituality)

Have you felt you have been here before, experienced Déjà vu? A phobia you can not explain? Repetitive dreams of a time gone by and feel you don’t belong? If YES then you are connecting to your soul’s past lives. Ayderline is an amazing story following a spirit through her multiple soul lives. It will bring you understanding of your experiences and answer so many of your questions. This is the story of Ayderline, the spirit within, a multidimensional being from the spirit realm. She is going to take you on a journey through time and dimensions, enabling you to experience with her some of her physical lives. Her story begins in the spirit realm before she travels to earth to ancient Greece, at the time of the end of the Roman Empire. Her Earth lives and experiences continue to take you to the Viking period, the age of Napoleon, England’s green farmlands, the Second World War and then as far as your modern day. Along the way, you will share her experiences of dying from a broken heart, the fear of war, love, survival and heartache. As well as all this, you will be taken on a journey to another planet and be part of her physical existence as a highly evolved ascension being.

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The Magic of Spirit (Spirituality)

This book is for all of humanity to learn about Spiritualism and when you connect with spirit how your life can change for the better. There is information and their meanings about the signs the spirit realm leave for you for example feathers, coins and numbers are just a few of them. There is a story of a light workers journey with spirit and what she learnt on that Journey. There is also a Spiritual Alphabet for guidance and inspiration to be used in your spiritual churches, circles and teachings. As well as all this they talk about the Elemental beings and other of world societies that wish to help mankind. If you are just interested in spiritualism, or the life of spiritualism then this book is for you. The ‘Magic of Spirit’ has been written by the spirit realm for mankind to see how the divine touch of spirit can change you in an uplifting and positive way. You will be inspired, my friends, by the words in this book, which is full of information and guidance from us on awareness of spirit and the signs we leave for you. Remember the key to the magic of spirit is love.

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Utopia (Spirituality)

Be Inspired!!! Do YOU want to change your life for the better, always be positive and make the world around you live in an awesome safe place to be? YES then this is the book for you. This book will make you think, question and lead you to make positive changes in your life to create a better world to live in. This book reveals secrets of the afterlife -bHeaven, new archangels and an alien race. It also questions our belief systems based around religions and looks at our world’s history with UFOs and ancient evidence that has affected old books for example what is in the bible. On top of all that there is advice on how mankind can change the world, by letting our children develop in to the higher beings they are born to be. All of this comes from the Spirit world, 5D dimensional beings, living in love and light. Their aim is guide humanity to a higher vibration pure love way of being.

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The Magic of Words (Spirituality)

Welcome to our book ‘The Magic of Words’, we have written this book for all of humanity as we wish all future children of your world to be bought up in a vibration of love and positivity and we feel their thoughts and words are key to this happening. You will learn from this book to stay in the positive energy vein, and how to stay in that magical way of being. While on your life’s journey on this earth you are guided by words from your first breath. Words inspire you and change the way you think. This magical book is full of positive quotes and words of inspiration to help guide you on your life’s path. Please share these words out to your fellow mankind to teach and inspire others while on your life’s journey.

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