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Shawna Sparlin

shawna sparlinShawna Sparlin is a single mom, author and writer living in Tennessee. Her writing resume includes website content, copywriting, resumes, press releases, articles and ebooks. Shawna’s favorite topics to write about are tips for other parents on raising children with Autism (she has 3 boys with Autism), gardening, natural healing and Wicca. She has two published ebooks, Magick of Love and 25 All Natural Cough & Cold Remedies.

Shawna has dreamt of being a writer since she could hold a pencil, entertaining her mother and sisters with poems and stories for years. She took up writing professionally six years ago. When she is not busy writing she spend her time with her youngest son and working to help other independent authors promote their work.

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Magick of Love: Spells to Find and Keep a Lover & Heal a Broken Relationship (Non-Fiction)

magick of loveMany people spend a great deal of time and money trying to find someone to love. You may just need a little help from the universe to find a love that makes you happy. This book of spells can give you that! The book includes spells to draw love to you, boost your self-confidence, strengthen an existing relationship, overcome jealousy and mend a broken heart to name a few.

If you are new to spell casting, there is a section to explain all of the dos and don’ts of the craft to get you started. You will find easy to follow instructions for preparing yourself, creating sacred space and how to cast a circle.

The book will also guide you through the inner workings of a spell. You will learn what the four cardinal directions and elements represent. You can also find information on how, and when, to use candles, incense and essential oils.

Review for Magick of Love: “Holy Wow its a great read so far… Love it” T.H., Phoenix, AZ


25 All Natural Cough & Cold Remedies: Homemade Recipes to Relieve the Common Cold (Non-Fiction)

Cold Cover1This great little book is a must have for anyone who prefers to use natural healing remedies versus the over-the-counter variety. One benefit from using all natural recipes is that you know exactly what is in them!
You won’t find just herbal teas here. Included in this guide are recipes for soothing baths, natural vapor rubs and fragrant steam remedies. Some of the recipes included are Grandma’s Chicken Tea, a comforting and nourishing blend of chicken stock and herbs.

When the little ones are sick, you can use Dr. Bubbles, a homemade bubble bath, to make them feel better. Also try Baby Sniffles, a natural vapor rub, which is safe for infants over two months.

You will find a chapter in the book that explains how each of the herbs and spices works to relieve or shorten the common cold. The good news is you most likely have all of the ingredients you need right in your kitchen!
I got this book when I wasn’t feeling well, my favorites were the Hot Gingerade and Grandma’s Chicken Tea! Anybody who prefers natural medicine to the over the counter junk should buy this book! It even has stuff for my toddler in it. Katrina B. – Tennessee


Younger Skin in 30 Days or Less: Every Woman’s Guide to Natural Skin Care (Non-Fiction)

younger skinMirror, mirror on the wall, what the heck happened? Acne, dark spots and wrinkles are common skin issues we will all face at some point in our lives. Women spend billions of dollars on expensive products every year to correct these problems. But are the expensive creams and lotions really doing what they promise?

In this great guide, the author shows you how to use all natural ingredients to create your skin care products at home. Not only will this save you money but you can tailor each recipe to your skin type and needs.

The book shows you how the skin ages but also explains methods you can use at home to slow the process down.
If you would like to restore that radiant glow you once had and look younger than your years, this is the book for you. This complete guide covers all skin types and colors. You will find recipes for masks, scrubs, toners and so much more!

So go ahead and click that buy button and see if you don’t look younger in 30 days or less!