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Skywalker Payne

skywalkerThe story is what matters to Skywalker Payne whether she is writing non-fiction, fantasy, spirituality, or visionary fiction; first and foremost her goal is to tell readers a story to stimulate imagination, inspiration, or involvement. A feature writer in her twenties, she wrote about theatre in Washington, DC, interviewed political prisoners in New York City, and edited a weekly newspaper in Greenville, South Carolina.

During her thirties and forties, Payne combined her poetry and stories with original choreography performances in Chicago, New York, Greenville, SC, Los Angeles, and Austin, Texas. After receiving a B. A. in storytelling, she told folklore, Underground Railroad, and personal stories in Iowa, Chicago, Denver, Colorado, Cincinnati, Ohio, and Chicago. A mid-life crisis led her to become a registered nurse and she found more opportunities to expand the world of story as she worked with the Indian Health Services. She now lives in Homer, Alaska with her husband, Brian Payne, creator of Zinc Comics.

The varied life experiences of her youth and early adult years, a life-long spiritual practice and knowledge gained through her medical experience infuse Payne’s work with depth and meaning. She challenges accepted ideas on the meaning of life, the benefits of the medical industry, and the negativity of death. Her work presents the true benefits of applied spiritual practice, explains how death is the ultimate wonder, and offers visions of a future world with humanity ruled by equanimity and courageous kindness.

Her first two books are All That Is, Dance of Mindfulness & Gratitude, A Quest for Wholeness and Breathing Through the Eye of a Needle, Stories of Living in the Moment from Birth to Death.

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ALL THAT IS, DANCE OF MINDFULNESS & GRATITUDE – A QUEST FOR WHOLENESS (Mind, Body, Spirit; Non-Fiction; Family; Health & Wellness; Inspirational; Self Help/Self-development; Spirituality)

all-that-is-standing-cover“An honest, authentic look into the wonderful mind of Skywalker Payne. If you are working on improving or perfecting your mindfulness practice, pick up this book.”
Tom Morkes, CEO of Insurgent Publishing

“A profound book that sets the reader thinking about big subjects, all within the context of mindfulness. Skywalker introduces the idea of how mindfulness could transform more than just individual’s lives, but also how we as a society govern ourselves. She includes her own process through a mindfulness course, demonstrating commitment and insights that are useful for anyone considering learning about mindfulness. A thought-provoking and inspiring read.”
Jane Duncan Rogers, Author of Gifted By Grief: A True Story of Cancer, Loss and Rebirth

“All That Is is a beautifully written book. It’s meant for all peoples.Wholesome living is what every man should strive for. But some of us go through unaware or unable to achieve this. This is a practical and inspirational book filled with true personal stories meant for all ages. Truly it’s a journey – and through it I’m sure I’ve been reeducated about gratitude and mindfulness. This book deserves a wide audience. I am sure it will help a lot of people.
Uzoma Okoroafor

There is so much great information here. I love reading about the origins of her nursing career and her journey to wholeness.
Dianne Bondy — Yogasteya

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BREATHING THROUGH THE EYE OF A NEEDLE, STORIES OF LIVING IN THE MOMENT FROM BIRTH TO DEATH (Mind, Body, Spirit; Non-Fiction; Family; Health & Wellness; Inspirational; Self Help/Self-development; Spirituality)

breathing-standing-book-photoThe stories in this book offer guidance, comfort, and wisdom to confront the isolating violence of this early 21st century.

People are increasingly separated despite the connectivity of the Internet. Even with all of the technological advances in medical and biological sciences death is an ever-present part of life. It is essential. Your death makes room for the newborn. Once decaying bodies fertilized the earth. Now, expensive, indestructible coffins just contribute to the degradation of the soil
This book is not a political thesis. It is an examination and exposition, through story, of the inextricable union of life and death. I have pondered death since I was a little girl. But, when I was in fifth grade, the thought came to me that “I always was and always will be.” As a Catholic student, I learned God alone was without beginning or end. But, as a Buddhist, I know consciousness is continuous and energy of being is endless.

Your life is a story you create. Each moment offers the opportunity to tell a story of kindness, forgiveness, courage, and compassion. From the scarred streets of Gaza to the secret meetings in the Pentagon all are simply human beings.

Every person came from a mother’s womb and as a baby was weak and needy. The body you inhabit is just a role you’ve been given to become a better being and to help others be and do better.
The stories in this book illustrate how living and dying are the book-ends of life. It’s up to you to tell the story of your life. You can choose to follow the negative headlines of war, hatred, bigotry, intolerance, or violence and become lost in a maze of negative karma. Or you can open your heart with compassion, kindness, forgiveness, and patience to enrich not only your life but also that of many sentient beings.

May these stories provide some wisdom and examples to assist you to live a fulfilling and meaningful life story.

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