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Steve Dullum

Author PhotoSteve Dullum (who is me) lives in Madison, WI, where he frequently picks up the guitar and coaxes stirring melodies from the strings (often it’s just noise), rides around on a black motorcycle (frequently gets lost), works in the IT field (official title is “The IT Guy”), and also writes fiction. For the most part he’s living the dream (he claims it’s more like a dream within a dream).

Steve (who is still me) enjoys reading many different genres of fiction, as well as non-fiction (and some brochures), but it’s suspense he enjoys reading and writing the most. After procrastinating long enough, he one day decided to open a blank Word document and discover if he had what it takes to complete a novel. After endless, countless hours of hard work (it was at least six, according to the wall clock), and after even more revisions (eleven hundred and six), and after several title changes (the original title was “Get Up Bubba and Shake ‘Dat Thang”), The Spiral was (is) the final result. He hopes that if you take a chance on it (because really, there are so few books to choose from) you’ll enjoy it and decide the time spent reading it was time well spent. If you don’t enjoy it, he is unfortunately unable to offer a refund at this time.

If he had to pick his most significant influence as a writer, it would be Dean Koontz. The most important thing Steve (still me) learned from Koontz is the importance of creating characters that live and breathe, that exist not simply to drive the story, but exist because they are the story.

Ideas for his next novel are germinating at this very moment (well, actually, he’s sleeping right now).

-Third-Person Narrator (who is me)

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The Spiral (Suspense)

The Spiral PaperbackThe coastal town of Bonduel is the perfect setting for Alan Geffen to finally conquer his anxiety disorder and begin a new life. But when he discovers evidence linking a prestigious biotech company to a brutal hit-and-run accident, his quiet life becomes a nightmare. He’s now a threat to the malignant ambitions pursued behind the stark concrete walls of the facility high in the foothills on the edge of town. Alan can trust no one, especially the police…because beneath the illusion of tranquility and quaintness, Bonduel is hiding dark secrets.

Alan is alone with his paranoia and dread. Alone…except for the gunman who just smashed through his front door. Relentlessly hunted by a proficient killer, Alan must summon the courage to ignore his fears and self-doubt. His girlfriend has vanished, and Alan suspects Immutron is silencing those who might expose them. He has to find her before it’s too late, and he’d better do it quickly–the night is waning, and by morning he will likely be dead.

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The Garbage Collector (Short story/Suspense)

The Garbage CollectorOn a mysterious night in the summer of 1975, twelve-year-old Danny watches from his bedroom window as the garbage collector makes an unscheduled nocturnal visit. Inside one of the trash cans, Danny discovers a handwritten note. It’s a dire warning from another time, of a future event that will haunt him forever. Dan can still live a fulfilling life with his beloved Sarah, free from the despair and guilt. He has been given the chance to make it right again. If only he can remember the cryptic words scribbled on that piece of paper so many years ago.


The Interview (Short story/Suspense)

The InterviewOut of work and desperate for a job, Neil Calvo has endured one failed interview after another. The job market is drying up, and his situation is becoming hopeless. Until today. He has just landed an interview for a very promising position with a mysterious company. A job offer now could turn his life around. But if he accepts, he might just destroy everything he has to live for. Confronted with a decision no one should have to make, Neil must decide quickly, before all is lost.