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Stuart G Yates

???????????????????????????????Stuart G Yates grew up on the Wirral, in the UK, with a fertile imagination and a desire to tell stories. He wrote his first novel whilst still at school and in 1979 submitted his first work to Jonathan Cape. The world of publishing was very different in those days, an old Olivetti typewriter, mountains of carbon paper and gallons of correcting fluid always by his side. In 2009, an independent publishing company took notice and his first novel ‘Cold Hell in Darley Dene’ was published under his pseudonym Glenn Stuart.

After writing a string of Young Adult paranormal novels, he crossed into more adult themed work using his real name. Genres are not a barrier to his imagination and he concentrates now on adult thrillers and historical mysteries. Inspiration comes from a multitude of sources – his past, people he has met, the places he has visited, together with his deep interest in history. As a teacher of history, he has a rich vein of knowledge to fall back on but he is always researching and seeking out new periods and influences to broaden his writing. The father of three daughters, he now lives and works in Spain in a tiny, whitewashed village with a dog named George. He writes every day and loves every single second creating exciting worlds of imagination, peopled by the most amazing characters in a wide variety of settings. Simply put, there is nothing else he would rather do.

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The Sandman Cometh (Horror/Thriller)

the sandman comethIn a cold, bleak, insensitive future world, Simeon Allis lives out his controlled life, alone. There is no need for families in his world; everything is provided for by the State. And the Sandmen ensure conformity.

The Sandmen are hideous inventions, created to ensure conformity from the citizens of this new, clinical world. Monstrous killing machines in humanoid form, they enact terrible punishments upon anyone found wandering outside of their homes after curfew. Nightmare visions that haunt the waking and sleeping hours of Simeon’s, and everyone else’s, life.

During the day, brutal ‘re-programmed’ military-style police, called Sweepers, keep everyone in check. This is a world where individuality and choice have no place.

But Simeon is different to most others. He has memories. These memories, of a past life that has now been ‘replaced’, make him begin to question everything he sees, hears and knows.

He unwittingly becomes embroiled in a plot to overthrow the ruling elite. As he is manipulated by these ‘rebels’ he begins to discover the truth about society, how it is all based on lies and fear. Everything he has ever known is now open to question and he puts all of his energy into discovering the truth.

Through a series of terrifying encounters, Simeon – a mere pawn in a much wider game – witnesses the destruction of his world. He is implicated in the assassination of the Protector, the supreme leader of this clinical, controlled society. On the run from the Sandmen, he desperately tries to hang on to the love of his life, his girlfriend Yolanda. But when they are both caught up in an attack on the city, a new episode in their lives begins as deceits and betrayal become ever more common place. Yolanda is critically wounded and Simeon must press on without her.

As he joins forces with the ‘rebels’, it soon becomes apparent that Simeon is not everything that he appears to be. Hugely intelligent, equipped with broad and far-reaching skills, it is he who finally turns the tables on all of those who have manipulated him. In the end, it is Simeon who has control of the Sandmen.

Written as a cross-over book, appealing to older teenagers and adults alike, this is a story full of mystery and suspense, with plenty of thrills along the way. It is a terrifying vision of a world in which individuality and choice are things of the past.

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Splintered Ice (Horror/Thriller)

Splintered IceAn ordinary life, nothing unusual ever happening, a cruise really. Mediterranean, relaxing. This is Jed Mere’s life, up until now. Eighteen, preparing for his final exams, the adventure just beginning. But then, it all begins to unravel and it begins when his mother decides to leave home.

Suddenly, nothing makes sense. His father is, naturally, devastated, and Jed is at once confused and angry. Anger that leads Jed into a different, far more frightening world. The world of Jon Kepowski.
A strange, ethereal figure, Kepowski comes into Jed’s life in the most spectacular of ways when Jed rescues him from drowning. Soon, the tendrils of fear begin to wrap themselves around Jed, taking him on a journey into the darkest reaches of his psyche. A journey that will ultimately lead him to the truth of why his mother left.

After rescuing Kepowski from a frozen lake, Jed becomes close to Kepowski. Still struggling with examinations, desperate to gain entrance into university, Jed’s young life is turned upside down. Firstly, he is introduced to a girl, who seems to like him. But on a journey to Scotland, she seems more interested in Kepowski. It is whilst in Scotland that Jed begins to consider that something ‘otherworld’ is happening.

People begin to die. Indeed, anyone who crosses Kepowski’s path dies in brutal circumstances. The police are convinced the man is a menace, but they seem to lack direction and inventiveness in capturing him.

Together with his half-brother, a policeman working undercover in the drugs’ squad, Jed embarks on an attempt to unravel the mystery of what is going on, who Kepowski is and what ties him with his mother and his family’s past. A past that is shrouded in lies, intrigue and violence.

Jed’s uncovering of the truth results in a series of horrific incidents which bring him to the brink of despair and could so very easily end with his own murder, as it has with so many others.

An old, deserted manor house in the depths of the Scottish Highlands is the scene of the climax to this story. Here, all is revealed. Jon Kepowski is indeed not what he appears, but an evil character, sworn to reap his revenge on those who have maligned him in the past. He has made a contract with the Devil himself, to bring havoc and despair to all those he meets. Jed, however, has engaged the help of an old woman who seems to have the secret of how to destroy Kepowski once and for all. In the final moments, Jed and the woman seem to succeed, but as the dust settles and the final tally of the suffering is made, Kepowski has escaped. At the end, we are left wondering if he will strike again.

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Burnt Offerings: A Paul Chase Adventure (Action/Crime/Thriller)

Burnt Offerings‘Burnt Offerings’ is a contemporary story of betrayal, violence and death. The seemingly normal life of an estate agent is turned completely upside down when he picks up a hitch-hiker. From that moment, Paul Chaise is plunged into the cold-hearted world of criminals, and their drug-dealing ways. But Paul Chaise is not all he appears. He has been living the quiet life in the Costa del Sol, but his past was anything but quiet. Chaise served for the SBS and now his old skills come to the fore once again as he faces up to the desire of the gangsters to regain what they believe is rightfully theirs. The only problem is, Chaise hasn’t got it. The drugs that the hitch-hiker was carrying have gone missing.

The people who originally had these drugs want them back. It isn’t long before a lot of innocent people become embroiled in this grim tale, but in the middle of it all is Chaise, a man who has escaped his past but now sees it all coming back to roost. The final confrontation between Chaise and the gangsters can only have one outcome, and then he can get back to living his life. Or so he hopes.

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Roadkill (Horror/Thriller)

RoadkillAcross the bleak and barren moorland stalks a beast. It is an unknown thing, a creature from the darkest, most terrifying of nightmares. It hunts out its victims, kills with frightening speed, then feasts on their flesh.

A thing of legend?

No. For this beast is a man.

Road Kill is set on the unforgiving stretch of open land which we call Bodmin Moor, Cornwall. Here lives Ralph, a quiet, reclusive man who one cold night accidentally kills a deer when he drives into it on the road. He decides to take the dead animal home, and he butchers it and serves his wife prime fillets of venison for dinner. This random event sets him thinking; out there, on the road that cuts through the Moor, is a bounty waiting to be plundered. Road kill, animals left for dead from motor cars and lorries. All Ralph has to do is collect the carcasses. Before long, however, Ralph’s urges to eat this free meat develops into something far more terrifying. What if he was the one doing the killing, and what if not only animals died? Ralph soon sets out on a trail of blood and violence that will ultimately lead to the deaths of human beings.

For Ralph is the true Beast of Bodmin.

A schoolteacher, Peter Salmon, becomes embroiled, not only in the petty politics of village life, but with a young woman. Helen is everything he has ever needed, but will her complicated lifestyle fit in with what Salmon hopes for? For one thing, she has a boyfriend, and he is renowned for his temper.
When these powerful elements collide – the boyfriend, Ralph, Salmon and the girl -the consequences are massive. As the body count soars, questions are left unanswered, and the final reckoning leaves the village community stunned.

The story of an isolated man’s journey into hell, and a life spiralling out of control as the powerful forces of blood lust grip him and refuse to let go.

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Varangian (Historical Fiction)

VarangianIn the middle part of the Eleventh century, the Byzantine Empire dominated the world, the surviving part of the old Roman Empire, its position as the greatest known civilisation undisputed. Within the walls of its great capital city, Constantinople, treachery, debauchery and power politics dominate the lives of the ruling elite. Not much has changed since the glory days of Rome. A new name, but with all the old intrigues still at the fore.

Thrust inside this heady mix, the Viking adventurer Harald Hardrada struggles to survive. A new emperor means danger for him, and all of his followers. Used as a pawn for the various factions as they jostle for pre-eminence, he embarks on a new set of adventures, adventures which set him against the despised Scythians and their sponsor, the deranged Emperor Michael V. The story takes the reader through the historical backdrop of the Byzantine Empire towards a bloody and violent conclusion which sees Hardrada ultimately victorious, but with a new enemy seeking his death. Will his renowned prowess as a warrior insure his survival as he strives to take what is his birthright, the crown of Norway?

This is the first volume of a proposed series of stories, which takes the reader through many adventures towards the final, blood-soaked scene of Stamford Bridge in 1066. A story of the early Middle Ages, with all of its superstitions, anguish and mistrust. But a story of ordinary people, their feelings, their dreams. A story which would appeal to an adult audience which enjoys high adventure, love and betrayal, interwoven with actual historical events.

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