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Suzette Brown

suzetteSuzette Brown is retired from the field of Education and has been married to her best friend for 30 years, they are comfortable, happy and content.

Suzette has a certified and registered Therapy Dog International, name Flower, TDIA. They spend a lot of time volunteering at hospitals, conv. centers, assisted living facilities, adult day cares, and retirement homes. Flower TDIA brings a lot of love and compassion for sick, disabled and confined patients/residents.

In her spare time, Suzette enjoys reading, going for long walks, keeping in touch with friends, volunteering with Flower, helping others in the community, photography and spending time with her husband. She has a grown son who lives in Charlotte, NC and they stay in touch and see each other as much as possible.

Suzette starting writing the book on her journey after she retired and went on disability. She had notes, letters, documentation, medical records, calendars – all boxed away for years. She felt it was her time to literally sit down, and start writing. Suzette is honored to have so many kind friends and family whose help has been invaluable during this process.

Suzette hopes to start on book # 2 – soon. She has several ideas in mind !!


Alzheimer’s: Through My Mother’s Eyes (Non-Fiction)

ATMEThis book is for all of the caregivers out there who slowly found themselves in the position of taking care of a loved one who may no longer even recognize them due to the ravages of Alzheimer’s. Through Brown’s experience watching from the sidelines as her mother slowly declined, to the day-to-day struggles she faced and the lessons she learned about meeting the very special needs of someone who used to take care of her, the author provides insight and information for anyone who may face this frightening possibility.