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Tabitha Tikkle

Tabitha TikkleTabitha Tikkle is the author of various erotic novels, including MRS. WAGSTAFF: THE WICKED WIDOW OF WAVERLY WAY. Tabitha grew up on a farm in the Midwest where she learned early on about the birds and the bees (not to mention, the pigs, the sheep, the goats, the cows and the horses). Her wealthy farmer parents sent her to a boarding school in Switzerland after she was caught in an embarrassing involvement with a neighboring farmer’s teenaged son. While at school, she used her new found freedom from parental oversight to experiment with her male classmates (as well as various local swains) in certain carnal activities which she then recorded in her journal. Upon graduation, she took her writings to a noted European publisher of elegant porn who quickly realized the treasure trove he had acquired (both the literature and the author).

Today Tabitha lives a private life in a secluded location where she produces dozens of new books and stories each year. She researches all of her stories personally and tests all the sexual activities she describes in her books first hand. She enjoys wine, chocolate, and oysters, and snuggling with her cat Hercules (as well as males of other species).

MRS. WAGSTAFF: THE WICKED WIDOW OF WAVERLY WAY is the first in a series of books about the fictional randy widow. Other books in the alphabetical series will include: MRS. WAGSTAFF AND THE AWKWARD ACCOUNTANT, MRS. WAGSTAFF AND THE BOLD BAKER, and MRS. WAGSTAFF AND THE CURIOUS CARPENTER.

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Mrs. Wagstaff: The Wicked Widow of Waverly Way (Erotica)

the wicked widowHow she became the “wicked widow” of Waverly Way, was a tale that Jane Wagstaff often liked to ponder. She never could have imagined when she was growing up in a small Midwestern town, that one day, she would be the most sexually infamous woman in the world––her carnal exploits discussed from coast to coast. She never would have believed that she would bed hundreds, if not thousands, of men. That women all over the globe would look to her for guidance in finding sexual satisfaction. That inexperienced young men would call on her to guide them through their first sexual experience. But it was all true.

Long before she married Harold Wagstaff––her sexual soulmate and CEO of Wagstaff Industries, the world’s largest manufacturer of adult novelties––Jane had set her sights on a life of sexual adventure. Long before she moved into the glorious Wagstaff mansion on exclusive Waverly Way, she was an expert in all things erotic. And long after her beloved husband’s death following many wonderful sexually-satisfying years of marriage, Jane Wagstaff was still going strong. Yes, “Wicked Widow” was definitely an appropriate description for Jane Wagstaff, and she worked hard to live up to her naughty reputation.

This short novella is the first in the MRS. WAGSTAFF humorous erotic series.


Mrs. Wagstaff: And The Awkward Accountant (Erotica)

awkward accountantJane Wagstaff knows a lot about sex. She should. After all, she’s the new CEO of her deceased husband’s company, Wagstaff Industries (the world’s largest purveyor of quality adult novelties), and sex is literally her business. Unfortunately, she doesn’t know much about finance, and that’s where Andrew Dean, the young, brilliant company accountant and tax lawyer, comes in. Or does he? Jane tasks the awkward Andrew to “teach her” everything he knows about the company’s books. In return, Jane decides to school the inexperienced Andrew in the arts of sex. Lucky Andrew! He’s in for an enlightening time in the “spreadsheets” with the beautiful and sexy Jane! But, as Jane soon discovers, there may be more to Andrew and her new position than she ever imagined.