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Kathe Todd – The Sword of Myralis

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The Sword of Myralis: Darkshield Book 3 (Fantasy/Romance) Visiting in Carlienne as she searches for more ancient mysteries to explore, …

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Kathe Todd – Tomb of the Kobold King

Darksheild 2

Tomb of the Kobold King: Darkshield Book 2 (Fantasy/Romance) With the demon bringer dead and gone, and enough gold to …

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Kathe Todd – Demon Bringer: Darkshield Book 1

Demon Bringer

Demon Bringer: Darkshield Book 1 (Fantasy/Romance) When young adventurer Ferdyn Longblade met teenage virgin Adara Willoughby on the road to …

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FREE: Kathe Todd’s Fire Scion I: The Hidden City: April 27th – May 1st


Fire Scion I: The Hidden City (Fantasy) Andi Drakespring, fireblood like his mother and able to turn into a dragon …

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