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The End of Year Interviews Series

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This year, we are running a series of Interviews with our authors to look back at 2016 and also at their plans for 2017. The series so far consists of:

Interview #1: James Walley (Fantasy, Humor)

Interview #2: Hans M Hirschi (Literary Fiction, Romance, LGBT, Fantasy, Science-Fiction)

Interview #3: Lee French (Fantasy, Science-Fiction, Superheroes)

Interview #4: Susan Moore Jordan (Coming-Of-Age, Literary Fiction)

Interview #5: Sikivu Hutchinson (Non-Fiction, Politics)

Interview #6: Mitch Davies (Action, Historical Fiction)

Interview #7: Catherine Taylor (Erotic Romance)

Interview #8: Jane Davis (Commercial Fiction, Historical Fiction, Literary Fiction, Romance)

Interview #9: James Calbraith (Historical Fantasy, Steampunk)

Interview #10: Sid Wright (Comedy, Cartoons, Superheroes, Music)

Interview #11: Kenny Soward (Fantasy, Horror)

More coming all through December…

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