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Timothy Timpkins

timothy timpkinsResiding in the West of England with his Fiancee, two dogs & three cats, Timothy Timpkins was a statutory, management and project accountant for over twenty years. Timpkins worked for some of the UK’s biggest firms, including two FTSE 25 companies, across a wide range of industries including manufacturing, public transport, construction and aviation. Although Timpkins was primarily based in the North of England, Timpkins also worked in the South and West of England as well as Wales, Scandinavia & South Africa in the form of short-term assignments. Now retired from the world of accountancy, Timpkins is currently planning his next career move as an author.

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Work It Out With A Pencil: Outrageous Tales from Twenty Years as an Accountant (Memoirs/Non-Fiction/Comedy)

work it out with a pencilThe aim of Work It Out With A Pencil is to illustrate that not all accountants are boring, monotone dullards that achieve their thrills in life at the bottom of a balance sheet or by completing income tax returns. It is the hope of the author that Work It Out With A Pencil provides an insight into the world of finance from the perspective of someone who lived it for over two decades. The stories within the book are illustrated to prove that some, but admittedly not all, accountants can find themselves in humourous situations that do not involve the reader needing a crash course in bookkeeping or industrial-strength medication to endure such an ordeal.

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