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Tracey Morait

Tracey Morait was born and brought up in Liverpool, England. She moved to Bristol after graduating from university, where she now lives with her husband Keith and cat Treacle. She began writing stories as a teenager and completed her first book in 2007, going down the self-publishing route. That year she published her first book, Goalden Girl, a story about a girl who wants to set up a girls’ football team in her new school; Goalden Sky, the sequel, was published in 2014. She has published five more books, based on various personal experiences and interests. She has epilepsy and that inspired her to write Epiworld (2010) and Episode (2019). Keith designs her book covers and K&T Mitchell is their own small press. Much of her writing is cross genre and doesn’t fit into one true category. Her books are available on Amazon (paperback and Kindle), Book Depository, Barnes & Noble, Waterstones, Blackwell and many more stores worldwide.

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Episode (Children’s Fiction, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Time Travel, Trojan war, Helen of Troy, Mythology)

Alisha Dainton has severe epilepsy, so she’s used to having seizures. Sometimes she even has weird visions and hears strange noises. After a particularly bad episode on holiday in Cyprus, what she sees and hears makes her think she’s going mad: who is the beautiful girl with the see-through eyes, multi-coloured hair and rainbow and the half-woman, half-bird creature singing by the hotel pool, and just why has she been chosen to go back in time to ancient Sparta to help save a princess called Helen? Either Ali is having some sort of bizarre dream, or she’s about to have an amazing adventure that might change the entire story of the Trojan War.

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Goalden Girl (Teen fiction, Sport)

Gemma Sutherland isn’t happy. A year after the death of her mother, her dad has married Shelley, whose daughter, Portia, is a spoiled brat. As if that wasn’t enough they’ve moved house and Gemma has to go to Naylorsfield Comp where they don’t let girls play football like they do at her old school. Frustrated with her new life, Gemma rebels, shocks her dad by becoming a Goth and vows to drive Shelley and Portia away. She also starts a campaign to introduce girls football at school. Mr Cassidy, her PE teacher, lends his support and the other girls become interested, but Tyrone Collins, Shelley’s big headed nephew and the star of Naylorsfield’s First Eleven, will do anything to prevent the girls from training or playing in fixtures. Meanwhile, there’s a mystery surrounding Shelley and Mr Cassidy, and Gemma sees her chance of getting rid of Shelley for good.

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Goalden Sky (Teen fiction, Sport)

After her stepmother Shelley walks out, Gemma Sutherland is happy to have her dad back to herself again. Life is good: she’s playing football at Naylorsfield School and Tyrone Collins, who she used to fight with all the time, is now one of her best friends. Then Portia, Shelley’s daughter, comes back to live with the Sutherlands because her mother feels too depressed to look after her. Even though she gets on better with Portia than she used to, Gemma isn’t happy that she’s back, but Portia looks up to Gemma. She wants to be a footballer, too, and is desperate to be picked for the junior girls’ team at school. When Portia is involved in a serious accident, the Sutherlands’ world is turned upside down. Gemma, her dad and her friends do everything they can to get her interested in life and in football again. Is there a golden sky at the end of the storm for Portia?

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Big Brother (Teen/YA fiction, Ghost, Horror, Science Fiction)

When his dad leaves for a job in New York, Ash is left to cope with his drug-addicted, alcoholic mother Rhonda, who decides to move away from the life she hates in Bristol to her home town of Liverpool, taking Ash away from his school, his mates, and his gran. Not only does Ash have problems at home with a harassing, demanding mother, he becomes the easy target of a gang of bullies at his new school, the Jessop crew, because he talks with a different accent and wears a hearing aid. Then one day Ash meets the mysterious Big Brother, who wants to help Ash seek revenge on the Jessops, but it seems Big Brother has an agenda of his own. Just why is he so keen to help Ash destroy his enemies, and where did he come from? The pair strike up a partnership Ash is very soon desperate to break; the problem is Big Brother refuses to let him go.

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Epiworld (Teen/YA fiction, Science Fiction, Time Travel)

Britain 2099. All human diseases have been eradicated by genetic cleansing, but there are still people who are ‘unclean’ and locked away in institutions. Travis is one of them, until one day Dr Alexander helps him to escape to a world where nothing makes sense. Travis has powerful seizures which take him and his new friend Demi on a quest through time to seek and destroy Chase, the man he hates. Along the way he has to deal with shocks, surprises, traumas, and death, until at last he ends up on a beach, where his fate will finally be decided.

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Abbie’s Rival (Children’s fiction, Family, Friendships, Young Romance)

Abbie Palmer is ecstatic when she receives an e-mail from her beautiful French ‘e-mate’ Colette telling her she wants to visit in the summer holidays. Then Abbie realises Colette will find out she lied about her background, so she tries to put her off with a message saying she is going away for the summer. Unfortunately, Colette doesn’t get Abbie’s message. She turns up unexpectedly and that’s when Abbie’s problems start. First of all, Colette turns out to be an absolute stunner. She looks more like eighteen than sixteen and Abbie feels young and fat in comparison. Secondly, Abbie has fallen in love with the gorgeous Richard Farnham, a young teaching student who is going to do his placement at Abbie’s school, but Richard falls for Colette instead, even though Colette claims to be in love with someone else. Abbie is heartbroken, but tries not to let them know how she feels. Can she ever make Richard notice her, or will he be always out of reach?

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