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Twyla Turner

Twyla TurnerTwyla Turner was born in the Midwest and at the ripe old age of three asked her mother, “Why do we live here?” She has always wanted to travel the world and in elementary school, added wanting to write books after creating her first story. Though it was a long winding road to writing her first novel. Majoring in Radio/TV and minoring in Creative Writing in college, several terrible customer service jobs, teaching English in Japan and traveling around Asia, to name a few. But she was finally inspired after her experiences living in California, the setting for her debut novel Star-Struck. She has also struggled with body image her entire life and finding men who would love her curves. Which was where her brand Novels with Curves was born. She wanted women with lovely curves and beautiful flaws to have a place to escape. A place where they could immerse themselves in a character they could relate to. A place where the curvy girl gets the guy. So she put down her e-reader and picked up her laptop and began her journey through self-publishing. To date she has four, 5 and 4 star reviewed novels and a collaboration in an erotic anthology available at several online retailers and so many story ideas in her mind that her fingers can’t type them fast enough.

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His Muse (Erotica/Romance)

“All I can say is, WOW! Twyla Turner has written one of the best love stories I’ve ever read! She has upgraded the May December M/F relationship in such a sensual and sexy way. This one will kiss your soul! Oh to find my Etienne! (Have your Kleenex tissues close by!!) Etienne is young but has an old soul. His not so happy childhood seems to have given him wisdom beyond his years. Along with being walking sex…” ~Amazon Reviewer

Taryn is a 44-year-old divorced mother, starting a new life in the South of France. Etienne is a 29-year-old French artist. Their attraction is undeniable. Their affair is as hot as a wildfire. Threatening to burn everything in its way. Even the relationship between Taryn and her daughter. But can she be selfless enough to let him go, so he can have the full life she knows he dreams of? And what will become of her, of her heart, if she does?

Find out in the sexy, heartbreaking, and bittersweet story that is guaranteed to tug at your heartstrings. An HEA that will leave you reaching for the tissues, in…His Muse.

Adult Content: 18+ Only


Winter’s Beast: A Beauty and the Beast Novel (Erotica/Romance)

“I have never resented Ivan’s good looks. But there are times, once I became of age to date girls and women, that I wish I could look more like him than myself. Women are not often quick to date a monster.
I was okay with that. Until now. Until Winter. She changed everything…”

Ivan Petrov is a ruthless Russian businessman who is only six degrees off mob boss. He doesn’t care about anything other than getting what he wants. And he wants Winter Rose, the prodigy opera singer, and is willing to torment her sexually until she begs for it. He could care less that Yury, his disfigured and most trusted guard has fallen for her.

Winter’s Beast is one part sugar and sweet, two parts sex and sweat. It is not your typical Romance and although it has an HEA, it’s a dark, twisty road to get there.

***Mature Content***May be triggering for some***


The Red Scot: A Curvy Girls Club Novel, Book 1 (Erotica/Romance)

She’ll be the greatest fight of his life…

Bradyn ‘The Red Scot’ MacTavish is the best heavyweight MMA fighter in the world, despite his humble beginnings as the fat kid growing up. A tragedy that befell his life changed him and made sure that he never felt helpless again. He spent years making a name for himself in the octagon as an alpha beast, but when it comes to the ladies he is a fumbling mess. Always feeling like the unpopular kid. The day that Payton Bailey walks into his gym changes everything.

When it comes to men, Payton is as clueless as she is with social cues. She prefers to stick with what she knows: Sci-Fi, comic books, video games and web design. After a heartbreaking incident her freshman year of college, she was never able to look at big muscular men the same way again. So imagine her surprise and absolute fright when she catches the eye of the massive, hulking MMA fighter, who she secretly nicknames The Red Giant.

The computer geek has done her best to avoid, ignore, and even maim Bradyn but the stubborn Scot has no intentions of letting the skittish lass slip through his fingers. And with the help of her three friends, he just might win the fight of his life.
The Red Scot is the charming standalone novel and Book 1 of the Curvy Girls Club Series. A series about four inseparable best friends and their individual journeys to each find their Happily Ever After.

BONUS SIDE STORY: The Mia Chronicles gives a peek into the naughty life of Mia Ayala, the bad girl of The Curvy Girls Club. This part of her journey takes place alongside Payton’s in The Red Scot. So take a ride on the wild side with a woman that takes her pleasure from whoever, whenever, and wherever she wants it and doesn’t apologize for it.

***Adult content 18+ ONLY***


Chasing Day Series: Chasing Day & Catching Day (Erotica/Romance)

Chasing Day SeriesDaylen Daniels and Chase McCoy are as different as they come. Chase is the captain of the football team. Day is the shy voluptuous girl that hides behind her cello. Though their differences didn’t keep the next door neighbors from becoming life-long best friends. As they grow up, their attraction for each other grows with them. But will a romantic relationship be the only thing that could destroy their unbreakable bond? Will love and timing finally fall in sync? Follow these two through childhood to adulthood, love and heartbreak, tragedy and triumph, in…Chasing Day. And the surprising and heartwarming conclusion…Catching Day.


Curvy Ever After: Forbidden Curvy Girl Fairy Tales (Erotica/Romance/Short Stories)

Curvy Ever AfterSeven erotic and curvaceous tales. Three naughty wishes, a blood red cape, a missing sparkly pump, a beastly bargain, a deep slumber, forbidden deadly fruit, and a trip down an erotic rabbit hole.

Three Wishes:
Jazz is sick of men making decisions with her life when a gift from her future groom, gives her the key to freedom with just three wishes.

Red is in a land torn by two cultures, a trip through the woods brings her right into the enemy’s grasp and she’s looking good enough to eat.

Ashland has been browbeaten by her evil stepmother and stepsisters for far too long, and a cruel joke backfires when the “Prince” only has eyes for her.

Bo is snatched in the middle of the night by a man seeking her father’s help to cure his beastly curse, and she is the pawn.

A family curse has finally extended its sinister grip on an unsuspecting Ro, and Flip must learn that it’ll take more than modern medicine to bring the curvaceous beauty out of her deep sleep.

Yuki Shiro:
Yuki is being hunted through the mountains of Japan, but instead of taking her heart, the huntsman just might steal it.

Aliyah craves more from her dull life and one night in a private club, opens up a world of decadent pleasures she didn’t even know existed.

From the author of the bestselling Damaged Souls Series, is a diverse mix of heroes and curvy beauties, spanning centuries and across countries. Your favorite childhood fairy tales…all grown up.


Star-Struck (Erotica/Romance)

starstruckMadison “Sunny” Stone is a self-proclaimed Plain Jane; pleasantly plump, aspiring screenplay writer working in retail hell. Her love-life is as predictable as her B.O.B. (battery-operated boyfriend). Until a random night out at her favorite local watering-hole, where she is being watched by a handsome stranger in the shadows.

Gabriel Wolf is a mega-famous movie star that has lost the passion for his career and life in general. Growing up in foster-care as an orphan that never knew love and then becoming a superstar, only to be love for his status and what he can do for others. He’s never felt what it is to be wanted for just being Gabriel Wolf…the man. That is until he happens across the bright, funny and modestly beautiful Sunny Stone.

Can these two lost people come together to find a love that neither could have dreamed possible? Or will the media, friends and fans turn that dream into a real-life living hell?

Come along with these two sweet charmingly damaged people in Twyla Turner’s erotic romance debut: Star-Struck.


Awe-Struck (Erotica/Romance)

awestruckMadison “Sunny” Stone’s life was turned upside down when she unexpectedly fell in love with the world’s “Sexiest Man Alive” and superstar actor Gabriel Wolf. But being thrown into the spotlight, getting ripped apart by the media and a devastating accident has Sunny questioning whether loving the man behind the stardom is enough.

Gabriel Wolf has never experienced a love the likes of which Sunny has shown him. Being an orphan and a loner, the light that the beautiful and plump screenplay writer has brought into his life is making it hard to let go. Even when she suddenly breaks it off with him after the close call of the life-threatening accident. Gabe refuses to give up hope that they can make it through the storm, but there is someone in the shadows threatening everything he’s striving to hold on to.

Will Sunny and Gabe be able to come back together, even with all of the outside forces trying to keep them apart? Can they find their ‘happily ever after’? Find out in Awe-Struck the exciting conclusion to Twyla Turner’s debut novel, Star-Struck.


Scarred: Damaged Souls, Book I (Erotica/Romance)

scarredAlexis Bolden has seen her fair share of tragedy and experienced enough abuse to last a lifetime. Witnessing the double murder-suicide of her parents and dealing with a string of abusive losers, Lexi often found comfort in the brutal ritual of ‘cutting’. And now, narrowly escaping with her life after the last episode of abuse, Lexi finally finds the courage to press charges and start a new life.

Meanwhile, Sloan Stryker, a war veteran suffering from the physical and internal scars of war and bouts of PTSD, has found himself estranged from his disapproving parents, no job and homeless. Through a chance meeting and dramatic rescue, an unusual friendship develops between these two wounded people. Can they work past their damaged souls to finally come together? Find out in Twyla Turner’s new erotic romance, Scarred…accompanied by a sensual auditory journey.

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Open Wounds: Damaged Souls, Book II (Erotica/Romance)

OpenWoundsCoverLexi and Sloan are doing everything in their power to fight the demons of their past. They continue to build each other up, while rebuilding Lexi’s home. Their careers are taking off and they’re settling into a nice life they’ve carved out for themselves. But the demons of the past are beginning to catch up to the present. And Lexi must decide between fight or flight. Can their relationship withstand the constant threat? Or will the damage be more than either of them can take? Find out in the follow-up to Scarred… Open Wounds: A Damaged Souls Novel.

***Disclaimer*** Please note that this novel contains serious themes; i.e. domestic abuse and cutting.


Healed: Damaged Souls, Book III (Erotica/Romance)

healedLexi and Sloan have narrowly escaped one of their demons, only to face another. One that neither of them could’ve ever expected. Their issues continue to threaten their fragile relationship. Pulling them further apart and possibly pushing them into another’s arms. Will Aaron and Victoria finally get what they want? Or will it be Sloan’s parents that rip them apart? Find out in Healed, the emotional conclusion to the Damaged Souls Series.


Three (Erotica/Romance)

threeSimone Dyani Staton yearns for family after losing her father at age five and her mother at eighteen. All she has is her best friend Amber and Amber’s family that have taken her in as one of their own. Though she still feels that there’s something missing. So in the search for a sense of belonging, Simone journeys to the wild landscape of Alaska to meet her mother’s estranged native tribe, hoping that they will accept her half-breed heritage.

Never finding much interest in men, preferring to bury her nose in a book or her studies, Simone’s romantic experiences can be summed up to one brief chaste kiss in high school. So imagine her surprise when she is confronted with an intense attraction to her two gorgeous Alaskan tour guides. And just as surprising, the attraction seems mutual. But how can she choose between the two best friends?

Unbeknownst to Simone, the men have a dark and forbidden secret…Jackson Cole and Xander Drake share their women. With a lack of female companions in the Alaskan wild, they found that they preferred sharing rather than fighting over the women they wanted. And they wanted the twenty-nine year old virgin unlike any other woman they’ve ever met. Her exotic looks and curvy body hidden behind horn-rimmed glasses, chastity and a shy demeanor have them dying to possess her.

The question is, will that same innocence that brought them to their knees, send her running in the other direction when they reveal their darkest desires? Or if they are lucky enough to get a taste of her, can they willingly let her go when her journey is over?

Find out in this exploration of erotic self-discovery and finding where one truly belongs.