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VC Angell

VC AngellMr. Angell, “VC,” is a lifelong writer who lives in northern Minnesota with his wife and their two cats, Basel and Missy. He graduated from Western Michigan’s MFA program in 1992. He successfully published war poetry based on his experiences before turning to fiction. He published a dystopian science-fiction novel, The Last Holey Man, a few years ago. As a disabled veteran, VC, found a job he was able to do teaching for the University of Phoenix online. He has ghosted a number of books largely for highly educated professionals who could not translate their technical knowledge for “us mere mortals” – his words. Before that, he worked for the University of Pennsylvania, Moore School of Electrical Engineering at the Valley Forge Research Center.

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Bringer of Justice: Legends of the Herric, Book 1 (Fantasy)

bringer of justiceA one-way portal opens up to the world of Reini, and through it passes Vir, a lost warrior in search of his home world and those with the same gray eyes. Reini welcomes him with immediate danger, as a group of slavers threaten to capture him. The little bit of magic that Vir knows is just enough to help him escape, but his using it starts a deadly chain reaction he never could have predicted.

Reini is fiercely divided between those who can use magic and those who cannot. Its ruler, King Kellum, fosters an irrational hatred of magic users and is on a mission to erase them from existence. Vir’s magic in this world has somehow become powerful beyond comprehension, and it frightens him. Can he escape the king’s deadly directive and find an escape portal out of this world in time? Or will his sense of honor entangle him in a crusade to save the lives of an entire people?

Bringer of Justice, the first in the Legends of Herric series of novels, sets the stage for a sweeping journey as one man searches the universe for a place of belonging that may only be found in his heart.